Mayana Williams

Undergraduate graphic design student Mayana Williams

Class of 2017, Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design
Richmond, Virginia

Pulling all-nighters at the graphic design lab with close friends, late-night and early morning runs to the Starbucks on-campus, and making new friends in school clubs are just a few ways that Mayana Williams made Radford University feel like her home away from home.

For Williams, high school was a difficult experience. She was nervous about attending college, but her intuition told her that Radford University was the right choice for her. While she had some of the normal anxieties about transitioning from high school to college, she quickly found that her Radford University professors were supportive and there to help her adjust to college life.

“I had a really rough time in high school with a lot of academic pressure. The attitudes and approaches of Radford's professors helped create an environment where I learned to realize my goals,” explained Williams.

Now a senior majoring in graphic design, Williams has embraced her classwork and extracurricular activities. She met new students from throughout the Radford University community through her involvement in on-campus clubs Asian Pop Culture and Spectrum. She also uses her passion for graphic design as the current vice president of the American Institute of Graphic Arts at Radford.

“I’ve always liked designing, I was tinkering with HTML code to design when I was about 12 years old,” Williams says. “I love creating and making things beautiful. I also like how graphic design can be a powerful force for change.”

It is Williams' passion for graphic design combined with the guidance of her professors that has enabled her to excel in the classroom.

“The graphic design professors have all worked in the field of graphic design, so they have real world experience. They have given me a lot of perspective and insight into the graphic design field that has made me feel more prepared for my career,” said Williams.

As Williams looks ahead to the future, she is using the support of the Radford community and her many Radford experiences to help her decide on her next step. She hopes to continue working on her art skills and potentially apply to graduate school to obtain a Master of Fine Arts within graphic design.