Mark Forbes

Mark Forbes, undergraduate nursing student

Mark Forbes
Class of 2018, Bachelor of Science in nursing
Rocky Mount, Virginia

Mark Forbes was confident that a nursing degree was the right choice for one simple reason: it would lead him to a successful, rewarding career. When looking into nursing programs throughout Virginia, Radford University stood out. Forbes was drawn to Radford University’s nursing program not only because of it rich history as an outstanding program in Virginia, but specifically because of its high nursing state board exam, known as NCLEX, pass rate and long-standing reputation of excellence. He knew that he could make his dream career a reality through Radford’s School of Nursing program.

Now a senior nursing student, Forbes values the interpersonal component of nursing and its meaning on people’s lives. “As a nursing student, I have the opportunity to meet new people at every clinical experience and I have the ability to impact lives in a positive manner,” explained Forbes.

Nursing fulfills multiple passions for Forbes and the Radford University program allows him to explore every aspect of nursing. “I like the scientific nature of nursing, the ability of nurses to help people, the job outlook for nurses in the future and the opportunity to communicate with a wide variety of patients,” said Forbes.

Although Forbes has the passion to become a nurse, what has genuinely allowed Forbes to excel in the program is the support and one-on-one guidance he receives. “The nursing professors are willing to go above and beyond to help you,” explained Forbes.

Through faculty and staff support, Forbes has been able to excel academically and have an active and rewarding social life. Forbes is involved with the Interprofessional Symposium and Collegiate Club Fair, works locally at a job he loves and has made enduring friendships.

 “The people that I have met at Radford University will be lifelong friends and the memories we have made, and have yet to make, will last longer than any single experience,” said Forbes.

As Forbes looks ahead to the future, he would like to begin working as a RN after graduation this spring, and then eventually further his education and become a nurse practitioner.