Lena Johnson

Elementary education transfer student Lena Johnson

Lena Johnson
Class of 2018, Bachelor of Arts in interdisciplinary studies for elementary education
Roanoke, Virginia

When considering her options for four year institutions, transfer student Lena Johnson found one big reason for being drawn to Radford University; it was the School of Teacher Education and Leadership (STEL).

With a mix of online research of education programs and a passion for writing and teaching that goes back as far as she can remember, Johnson quickly realized that Radford University and STEL was the fit for her.

“I have always loved school; every grade was probably my favorite and being in school and around children was something that warmed my heart,” explained Johnson. “I chose the teaching path because I want to be able to give back and share the positive experiences of learning.”

Because of STELs strong partnership with public schools and diverse program offering that prepares individuals like her to become teachers and administrators, her reason to transfer to Radford University became much clearer; she was joining a campus community where she is a welcome member who is encouraged to grow and learn and supported on her path to becoming an educator.

After transferring from an area community college in the fall of 2016, Johnson embraced all that Radford University offers, both on and off campus. She quickly became an involved member of several clubs and organizations including the Creative Writers’ Guild and Circle K International, a community service organization. She also joined the Christian sorority, Sigma Alpha Omega.

“All of the organizations I have been involved in have enhanced my self-esteem and given me a spirit of dedication. I feel humble to be involved and to have met people that I will have lifelong friendships with,” explained Johnson. “Through my participation I can say that I have truly learned what is important to me, and become a better person from these experiences.”

Beyond her course work and involvement in on campus activities, Johnson also loves Radford’s natural beauty. One of her favorite memories is playing football and wading in the New River with her friends.

With commencement right around the corner Johnson is looking ahead to the future. She hopes to become a successful elementary school teacher, eventually receive her master’s degree in education and one day even become a published author, too.

Through her experiences and the confidence she has gained at Radford University, Johnson will soon share her love of learning and teaching with a new generation of students.