William Werewolf


Hometown: Wolftown, Virginia
Major: Recreation, Parks and Tourism in the College of Education and Human Development

Before he discovered Radford University, William Werewolf always dreaded the full moon.

“I always had to hide, which meant I had to miss some classes and had a hard time finding a roommate,” he said. “When I visited one of my friends at Radford during a full moon, I was happy to see that no one was really scared. People were mostly just curious.”

After his visit, William soon transferred to Radford. Now a senior, he doesn’t even try to hide his lycanthropy.

“Pretty much everyone on campus knows about me now,” he said. “I can study at the library or in Young Hall on full moon nights and everyone is just totally cool about it!”

William’s love of the outdoors made Radford University’s Recreation, Parks and Tourism major especially appealing. After graduation, he hopes to work as a park ranger and believes his education is preparing him well. His long-term goal is to help other young werewolves find places where they can be themselves – even during a full moon.

“Werewolves are people, too. Well, most of the time,” he said.

William, portrayed by information technology student Nick Hagood, was photographed in Young Hall. His make-up was designed by theatre student Jason Krage.