Vanessa Vampire


Hometown: Transylvania
Dance, Sociology, Criminal Justice, Accounting, Management, English, Chinese, Appalachian Studies, History, Information Science and Systems, Mathematics, Social Work, Women’s Studies, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Music, and Special Education

When Vanessa Vampire first visited Radford University in 1913, she knew it was the perfect place for her. After she finished her degree, however, she was turned into a vampire and spent eight decades traveling through Europe with her maker.

After her maker died in a tragic garlic accident in Greece, Vanessa decided to return to Radford to pursue a second degree. She’s now majoring in 16 areas.

“Why not?” she said. “I have plenty of time.”

Vanessa has been pleased that Radford offers evening classes, which helps her avoid burning up in the sunlight.

“Radford has been really understanding about my … condition,” Vanessa said. “I am able to schedule classes at night or in rooms with the blinds drawn. They also have posted warnings about food that has garlic as an ingredient. Not that I eat. Well, not that I eat FOOD.”

In her spare time, Vanessa volunteers at the annual blood drive.

Vanessa, portrayed by media studies student Danie Curtis-Williams, was photographed above the stage of the Pridemore Playhouse. Her make-up was designed by theatre student Noah Kaplan.