Claire Percoco


Sophomore, Springfield, Virginia
Anthropological Sciences in the College of Science and Technology
Campus involvement: Anthropology club, Honor society, and the RU Rockers dance team

Radford University matched every requirement in Claire Percoco’s list of college preferences. “I picked Radford University because I always knew I wanted to go to school in the mountains. Because I’m from such a busy area of Virginia, I wanted to go somewhere that I could escape all of the cars and busy streets,” Percoco says.

Attuned to the ever-increasing, student-focused vision of the university, Percoco knew that she wanted to be a part of Radford University’s growing campus community.  “I found the campus to be extremely comfortable and inviting; very homey to say the least. What I love about the community of Radford most is that it is just the perfect size. It’s not so big that I find myself lost in a crowd, but it’s small enough for me to see familiar faces everyday on my way to class. I knew right away that this was the place for me,” Percoco says.

With no doubts at all that she will continue her education at Radford University, for her remaining years as an undergraduate student, Percoco notes the pride she has in knowing that the university is rapidly improving its academic programs and athletic offerings for future generations of students. With so many improvements, and many more to come in the next few years, Radford University will continue to be a leader in offering students a variety of activities, events, and programs to take part in.