Brian Uthe


Frederick, MD
Major: Physics in the College of Science and Technology
Campus Involvement: Learning Assistance and Resource Center (LARC) tutor, member of Physics Honor society, Sigma Pi Sigma

Brian Uthe is a problem solver. His mind constantly seeks to find solutions – a skill he hoped he’d be able to apply as a college student. The senior from Frederick, Md., wasn’t content to choose a major that would come easy for him. Instead, he decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in physics to push him academically.

“I chose to major in physics because it had always interested me, but also because it was the first subject that really did not come easy for me,” he said. “It challenged me to work for good grades and that is what appealed to me. I also needed interesting problems to solve. Physics is something that can be applied to everyday situations. All physicists really do is problem solve. This can be used in any field that you choose to go into.”

As a successful student in the physics program, Uthe has gotten involved in tutoring others through the university’s Learning Assistance and Resource Center. He also has had the opportunity to conduct undergraduate research.

Uthe is currently working under the guidance of Rhett Herman, professor of physics, using the university’s wind tunnel to investigate how placing dimples on wooden cars may alter the drag force, making the cars more aerodynamic and fuel efficient.

The experience has opened his eyes to the research process and given him the opportunity to work closely with a professor to achieve a research goal.

Uthe hopes his research experiences will benefit him as he continues pursuing his education and one day obtain his Ph.D.