Benjamin Ruehle


Senior, Lynchburg, Virginia
Bachelor of Science in Nursing in the Waldron College of Health and Human Services
Campus Involvement:  
Waldron Ambassador, Men’s Club Basketball, Radford University Nursing Students Association (VP), Philosophy and Religious Studies Club

Benjamin Ruehle wanted the most out of his college experience. Drawn to Radford University’s reputable nursing program, affordability and warm atmosphere, Ruehle transferred to Radford in 2009.

He decided to pursue nursing after examining what he enjoyed about life. His love for being around people and his fascination with how the human body works made his decision easy; discovering that Radford University’s School of Nursing offered an exceptional education in the field made it a perfect fit.

Ruehle is particularly interested in pediatric nursing, driven by the challenges it offers. Not only does it involve studying the complexities of human healthcare, but it also involves breaking the processes down in a way that a child can understand.

“Children have a raw passion for understanding a world they are just getting to know,” he said. “I’m inspired by their curiosity. Their energy is contagious.

“Plus, I share their passion for making funny faces,” he joked.

Ruehle says that while the nursing program is rigorous, the classes push him to learn more and grow as a future practitioner. After earning his degree, Ruehle plans to either lend his services to local healthcare programs that serve low-income individuals or move to a Third World country to offer health care to those most in need.

“There are children in dire need of basic healthcare and education,” he said. “I would love to contribute my knowledge and efforts to their well-being.”