Reasons to Choose Radford

There are as many reasons to choose Radford University as there are students who attend; however, when we ask our students why they chose Radford, some common themes emerge - small classes taught by engaged faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, opportunities for research, an affordable education, vibrant student life and campus community, and academic excellence, just to name a few.

Michelle Acosta

“When I first came here I didn’t even know what I wanted to do with my life…I’m so glad that I came here and made that decision. I think I knew from the beginning this is my home.”

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"Radford University feels like home. It's got everything you could ask for."

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Michael Yeager '20

Michael Yeager '20

"Radford University Carilion has given me a strong foundation for my future career in Medical Laboratory Sciences."

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Marah Cheek '21

Marah Cheek '21

"I'm proud to be a Highlander because of the sense of community that Radford University offers."

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Hannah Tuttle

Hannah Tuttle '20

"A Highlander is not afraid to stand up and say 'I can do this'."

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Herbie Williams '21

"I want to take the knowledge I am gaining from the Special Education graduate program and implement it into my daily routine as a special education teacher. I also hope to educate others about the importance of inclusion and being an advocate."

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Nakia Shelton headshot

Nakia Shelton '20

“My Radford University degree will catapult me as a leader in the design field and prepare me to teach in higher education.”

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Conner Philson headshot

Conner Philson '19

"My Radford University degree, and all the opportunities behind it, helped me get into a Ph.D. program to one day become Dr. Philson."

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Loukas Rimanelli '20

"At Radford, I've had the opportunity to conduct undergraduate research in Patagonia, Chile. I appreciate that my geology program helps me develop my skillsets in and out of the classroom."

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Mashail Alghamdi '18

"When I started school, I didn’t know how to sew or anything. I went with zero experience in fashion. Now, I feel like an expert. I feel like I am competing with the big designers and that is a great thing. I am so glad that I chose Radford.”

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Sydney Nunley '18

“At Radford University, I am encouraged to be the best version of myself. My team, coaches and professors support me on and off the court."

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Robyn Hall '22

"The faculty, staff and students at Radford have made me feel at home. I've always liked to learn and be in an academic setting. It's so cool that now I have a choice over what I learn."

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Emily Preston '18

"In a major as hands on as advertising, having professors who care and want to teach is so important and I found that here."

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Stacy Austin '18

“Through both my education and work experience here, the university has helped me develop professionally and ensured that I have a thorough knowledge of current, modern and cutting edge technologies in my field.” 

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Jessica Wollmann '19

"It's nice to still be in the area and be home, and I think I needed that for my transition from high school to college."


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Sajid Ansari '20

"Where other universities rely on largely theory based learning, Radford University offered courses that provided real and practical knowledge that I can take with me once I graduate."

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Megan Forbes is an undergraduate nursing major at Radford University

Megan Forbes '20

"At Radford University, I have created new friendships, built strong relationships with my professors and I have been provided with the skills to help me in my professional career."

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Courtney Ward is an undergraduate marketing major graduating this winter commencement

Courtney Ward '17

“I feel confident going into the workforce after graduation because my time at Radford University has taught me life skills that will help me in a professional environment."

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Natacha Rangel-Ribeiro, undergraduate chemistry major and women's soccer player

Natacha Rangel-Ribeiro '20

“The small classroom sizes, the excellent research opportunities and being able to have everything I wanted in a school as well as getting to play soccer was the reason I chose Radford University."

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Undergraduate Mark Forbes is a nursing student

Mark Forbes '18

“As a nursing student, I have the opportunity to meet new people at every clinical experience and I have the ability to impact lives in a positive manner."

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Undergraduate Cole Faulkner is a double major in biology and chemistry

Cole Faulkner '20

"Most of the professors I have had want to get to know who their students really are, and I would even call some of my professors my friends. It is this passion that makes myself and many other students succeed in and out of the classroom, and proud to call ourselves students at Radford University.”

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