Meet the Faculty

Radford University faculty members are student-focused and believe in engaging students in their learning. Meet some of the outstanding faculty members at Radford University by watching the videos below.

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Professor Lou Gallo

Professor of English Lou Gallo is passionate about teaching and tries to engage his students into feeling what he feels when he reads literature.


Professor Reginald Shareef

Reginald Shareef, a professor of political science, believes we are all impacted by public management and public policy processes. In his classes, he tries to link theories on these topics with practical applications, so students can learn and understand, while hopefully wanting to learn more about the policies that impact our daily lives.


Associate Professor Tricia Easterling

Tricia Easterling, an associate professor of science education, started teaching because she wanted to share how she loves to learn with other students. Easterling's goal is to encourage her students to create an environment in their classrooms where they value mistakes and learn from their learning.


Assistant Professor Danylle Kunkel

Assistant Professor of Management Danylle Kunkel started her career working in industry and discovered a need and a desire for preparing students for entering the workforce. One of Kunkel's favorite things about teaching in management is that it is interdisciplinary - no matter what field or industry students desire to go into, management is useful and helpful.


Associate Professor Kristan Morrison

Associate Professor of Education Kristan Morrison believes her role as an educator has tremendous purpose and meaning, not only for her but for her students and hopefully the opportunities her students will create for kids all over the place.


Professor Mark Wagstaff

Mark Wagstaff, a professor of recreation, parks and tourism, enjoys teaching his students how to be quality experiential educators.


Professor Bruce Chase

Bruce Chase, professor of accounting and director of the Governmental and Nonprofit Assistance Center, aims to find unique ways to teach accounting to his students. Chase believes accounting is the language of business and understanding that language is key to understanding how a business works.


Associate Professor Tara Phelps-Durr

Tara Phelps-Durr, an associate professor of biology, finds that science offers students an opportunity to be very creative.


Assistant Professor I-Ping Fu

I-Ping Fu, an assistant professor of Chinese, teaches students to appreciate the Chinese culture as well as the language. After one or two years of Chinese studies, students are able to study abroad in China with Dr. Fu.


Assistant Professor Gary Schirr

Assistant Professor of Marketing Gary Schirr often hears from alumni about how his classes helped them find fulfilling careers after graduation.


Professor Matthew Oyos

Professor of History Matthew Oyos believes studying history gives students a sense of who they are, how they fit into their own society, and where one day they will take that society.


Professor Monica Weinzapfel

Professor Monica Weinzapfel enjoys seeing how the act of putting on a costume can transform young actors and help them grow into their characters.


Associate Professor Wayne Gallops

Wayne Gallops, an associate professor of music, believes that music is a way of human expression that all of us can do.