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REAL Curriculum

Graphic noting the REAL curriculum model - R Scientific and Quantative Reasoning, E Humanistic or Artistic Expression, A Cultural or Behavioral Analysis, L Applied Learning with Foundations in Writing and Mathematics and a cornerstone requirement in Writing Intensive

The REAL Curriculum is one reason that Radford University is a different kind of higher educational experience. Students are at the center of all that we do! Radford University's approach to general education and everything else puts you first. We want to help you achieve your goals. REAL sets you up for success by credentialing your skills and depth of knowledge. It is a flexible program that offers opportunities for you to use coursework to go deeper in areas that you find meaningful and useful for your future.

The REAL Curriculum integrates hands-on experiential learning opportunities into students' academic journeys, fostering practical skills and real-world experience across various disciplines. With REAL, the educational possibilities are personalized and as unique as the student.