Inaugural Budget Planning Summit Recommendations


1. Identify, develop and implement fast-track academic degree programs utilizing a variety of models (4+1, 2+3, weekend programs and condensed sessions) in order to increase access and opportunity for the residents of the Commonwealth, specifically those in the New River Valley, who have a variety of responsibilities that create barriers to enrolling in traditional academic degree programs.

2. Identify, develop and implement fully online degree programs, including flexible and competency-based approaches, while providing the administrative and technological structure necessary for a student-centered, world-class educational experience through a Radford University Online College concept.

3. Establish and market a highly selective, one-of-a-kind academic degree program, utilizing existing faculty, courses and resources, focused on critical thinking, analytical skills, research capabilities and communication processes for cutting-edge careers and those developing within emerging business and industry sectors.

4. Establish a University-based center devoted to teaching, pedagogy and cognitive research in order to ensure that the University is fully aware of and engaged with emerging developments and best practices with the goal of ensuring a campus-wide focus through the development of a student-centered academic plan.

5. Foster a culture of creativity and innovation leading to the infusion of an entrepreneurial spirit based in problem-solving and service-oriented approaches through the formal establishment and regular deliberation of a Big Ideas Think Tank, to be led by the President with select appointments representing all campus constituencies.

Programmatic Strategies

6. Emerge as a leader in interdisciplinary and collaborative education by fully embracing an interdisciplinary approach to customizable degree programs; introducing and piloting an undergraduate cohort model that fosters a culture of student success in and out of the classroom; and offering synchronous online classes and programs.

7. Identify, develop and provide necessary resources to implement interprofessional certificates and certifications that utilize existing University expertise and resources in order to respond to ever-changing business and industry needs, to be determined utilizing a systematic and reoccurring approach.

8. Establish a systematic approach to ensure that all students have an opportunity to engage in real-world experiences in their respective fields and out of the classroom, such as internship opportunities, research projects, study-abroad programs and volunteer assignments, prior to graduation in order to ensure that they are fully prepared to embrace their critical role as strong citizen leaders.

9. Review and analyze academic offerings and programmatic activities occurring on campus in the summer to determine ways in which space utilization, faculty expertise and staff service can be maximized, thereby providing yearlong and lifelong enriching experiences to students, as well as local children and families, through a variety of activities including, but not limited to, expansion of summer school, creation of summer academies and offering of college courses for high school students and continuing education.

10. Establish partnerships with educational entities across the Commonwealth, specifically universities and community colleges, in order to ensure a continuous pipeline for the pursuit of advanced educational credentials by establishing Memorandum of Understandings for the seamless transfer of community college credit or admission into professional programs, such as law and medicine, not offered by the University.


11. Conduct a comprehensive review of policies and procedures in order to reduce paperwork and eliminate redundancies that impact the service function of the University and prevent faculty and staff from fully engaging in and embracing every opportunity to foster student engagement and success.

12. Examine current administrative processes and identify areas in which such processes can be eliminated, streamlined and/or automated through online systems, thereby reducing paper usage and printing costs, in order to maximize faculty and staff time as it relates to fulfilling the University's mission.

Revenue Generation

13. Examine the feasibility of differential tuition levels and increased scholarship funding for targeted populations, such as high-achieving graduating high school seniors, Presidential Scholars and other designated groups, in order to attract additional students to pursue their educational goals at Radford University.

14. Review and analyze the University’s current Conference Services units and other service models to examine ways in which operations and services can be expanded to facilitate maximum utilization of University resources, specifically state-of-the-art buildings and printing services, by on-campus and off-campus entities.

Economic Development

15. Embrace a model of partnership across the campus with regard to local, state, regional, national and international entities to market the University and the region as a destination location for education and business, thereby leveraging synergies to recruit, retain and graduate students from diverse backgrounds and market the University to expanded audiences both domestically and internationally.

16. Review and analyze current academic and service offerings at multi-agency locations throughout the state, such as regional higher education and technology centers, and develop a comprehensive strategy and plan regarding programs of need, thereby expanding Radford University’s footprint and providing outreach and service to the Commonwealth and its citizens.

17. Establish an interdisciplinary economic development council charged with developing and implementing a comprehensive, multi-year strategy with the goal of having the University serve as a community partnership hub, thereby producing increased economic development activities and opportunities on campus, in the community and across the Commonwealth.