General University Policies

Number Title Effective
GEN-PO-1000 University Policy Management Policy (PDF)
GEN-PO-1001 Communicating with Government Officials Policy (PDF) 01/01/2008
GEN-PO-1002 Discrimination and Harassment Policy (PDF) 11/21/2014
GEN-PO-1003 Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Policy (PDF) 07/01/2017
GEN-PO-1004 Animals on University Property (PDF) 12/1/2017
GEN-PO-1005 Internal Audit Charter (PDF) 02/22/2018
GEN-PO-1006 Internal Control Policy (PDF) 02/22/2018
GEN-PO-1007 Free Expression Policy (PDF) 06/18/2014
  University Smoking Policy (PDF) 03/01/1991