University Policies

University Policies fall within a greater hierarchy of laws, statutes, and regulations.  The Board of Visitors has been authorized by the Commonwealth of Virginia to govern Radford University, and has delegated much of the authority to manage the university to the President. As part of the responsibility for managing the university, the President, in conjunction with the President's Cabinet, directs the development and implementation of University Policies.

University Policies affect more than one university division and/or have a broad and significant impact upon the university community.  Divisional/departmental policies and procedures, which differ in scope from University Policies, typically only affect and meet the needs of one university division or department.

Only University Policies are included on this website, which serves to document and communicate University Policies in a consistent format. In order to maintain an organized system of change control and consistent application, University Policies must be contained only on this website.  Divisional or departmental websites must use hyperlinks to this website and must not contain separate copies of University Policies.


Effective January 6, 2017, the university revised the University Policy template to incorporate procedures related to University Policies within the same document (i.e. section 5 of the template). As a result, new University Policies will no longer have separate policy and procedure documents. 

For an interim period, existing University Policies will continue to have separate policy and procedure documents until they can be incorporated into the new template. However, the policy and procedure documents have been combined into one .pdf document, which can be accessed via the link for the corresponding policy. The combined .pdf document contains "bookmarks", which allows easy access between the policy and procedure documents within the combined document.