Forms and Appendices

Number Policy Title Reference Appendix Title
GEN-PO-1000   University Policy Management Appendix University Policy Template (WORD)
FA-PO-1201 Procurement and Contracts Appendix Procurement and Contracts Manual (HTML)
FA-PO-1202 Funds Handling Appendix A Check Receipt Mail Log (PDF)
FA-PO-1202 Funds Handling Appendix B Cashier's Transmittal Form (PDF)
FA-PO-1202 Funds Handling Appendix C Sample Banner Cash Receipt (PDF)
FA-PO-1202 Funds Handling Appendix D Instructions for Preparing Written Funds Handling Procedures (PDF)
FA-PO-1205 Fee Appendix I Fee/Request Waiver Form (PDF)
FA-PO-1206 Post Office Box Appendix A Post Office Office Box Rental Agreement (PDF)
FA-PO-1207 Food and Beverage Appendix A Food and Beverages Authorization/Payment Form (PDF)
FA-PO-1207 Food and Beverage Appendix B Coca-Cola Product Descriptions (HTML)
FA-PO-1208 Records Management Appendix Form RM-3 Certificate of Records Destruction (Link)
FA-PO-1209 University Travel Appendix B Request for Travel Form (EXCEL)
FA-PO-1211 Surplus Property Management Appendix A Surplus Property Transfer Form (SU25) (PDF)
FA-PO-1211 Surplus Property Management Appendix B Surplus Property Donation Form (SU30) (PDF)
FA-PO-1211 Surplus Property Management Appendix C Surplus Report (PDF)
FA-PO-1212 Physical Inventory Appendix Equipment Liaison Handbook (PDF)
FA-PO-1214 Payment Cards Appendix A PCI Compliance Steering Committee Charter (PDF)
FA-PO-1214 Payment Cards Appendix B Request to Accept Payment Cards (PDF)
FA-PO-1214 Payment Cards Appendix C Payment Card Security and Confidentiality Agreement (PDF)
FA-PO-1214 Payment Cards Appendix D Guidelines for Preparing Written Payment Card Processing Procedures (Word)
FA-PO-1214 Payment Cards Appendix E PCI Documentation Templates (Excel)
HR-PO-1403  Employee Recognition Appendix Employee Recognition Award Request (Word)