Professional Development Award

You must apply prior to travel for your conference and your Department Chair must sign off on the application.

Applications received less than four weeks prior to travel may not be considered due to University travel processes and policies.

Step 2: Request for Travel Form
**Please open the "Request for Travel Form" from the listing on the link above.**

Remember to have your Department Chair sign off!  Be sure to include ALL documentation (quotes for hotel, airfare, registration, etc...) The M&IE calculations will also need to be included.

This worksheet will need to be approved by the Dean of the Graduate College before travel begins.

(The Request for Travel form needs to be completed and approved 30 days prior to travel and 60 days prior to International travel.) 


***Upon returning from travel, all receipts must be turned in to the Graduate College within 5 days.***

Graduate students in Masters or Doctoral programs (and seniors in five-year programs that will lead to a Masters) at Radford University may apply to be reimbursed for paper, poster presentations and disciplinary appropriate professional performances. To be reimbursed, students must be registered as degree seeking students.  Reimbursement covers those costs typically supported for faculty professional travel. Application for support does not guarantee funding; however, the Graduate College will support all legitimate requests within the constraints of the budget.  The Graduate College will notify applicants of funding status in a timely manner after receipt of the application.

You will not be reimbursed until after your travel so plan to have money to pay for your costs during the conference. Receipts will be required with the Reimbursement Form that you must fill out after attendance at a conference.

***Submitting an application to the Graduate College does not guarantee funding!***

If you have any questions, or need help filling out the "Request for Travel" form, please contact Patricia Phillips at 831-7163  You may also schedule an appointment for help.