Program Courses

The following is a complete listing of all the graduate courses offered in Radford University's School of Communication.

COMS 508, Public Relations Management (3)

Three hours lecture/discussion. Prerequisites: Graduate standing and Instructor’s permission.

Case studies and typical public relations problems in industry, labor, education, government, social welfare and trade associations. Planning and preparation of communication materials for various media; applications of public relations techniques.

COMS 513, Political Communication (3)

Three hours lecture/discussion. Prerequisites: Graduate standing and Instructor’s permission.

Contemporary theories and practices of political communication. Examines the structure and function of political messages, the strategic dissemination of political messages and the effects of those messages on corporate, social, professional and cultural institutions.

COMS 539, Communication and Leadership (3)

Three hours lecture/discussion. Prerequisites: Graduate standing and Instructor’s permission.

Analysis of major theory and research in leadership and group communication techniques with primary emphasis on developing communication skills in small group interaction. Through discussions and participation in group activities, students explore identification and evaluation of leadership techniques, communication networks, leadership training, research needs and methodologies of group observation.

COMS 552, International Film and Electronic Media (3)

Three hours lecture/discussion.

Focuses on the study of electronic media and film produced outside of the United States, including developing nations and emphasizes aesthetic, social, cultural, economic, political and religous forces which shape media.

COMS 559, Communication in Conflict Management (3)

Three hours lecture/discussion/field experience. Prerequisites: Graduate standing and Instructor’s permission.

This course addresses the nature of conflict between people as it is manifested in communicative interaction in varied contexts, within individuals, between individuals, between groups and between organizational and social entities. It deals with both competitive and, especially, cooperative communication genres as well as strategies of conflict intervention and mediation.

COMS 600, Communication Theory (3)

Three hours seminar. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

An overview of the history and theory of the discipline of communication, including epistemological, ontological and axiological positions driving theoretic models. This course provides background and foundation for the study of corporate and professional communication.

COMS 605, Applied Communication Research (3)

Three hours seminar/research. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

Research methods and reporting procedures in communication research. Understanding reporting procedures and a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection, analysis and interpretation.

COMS 606, Pedagogy and Instruction (3)

Three hours seminar/online hybrid. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

Designed for prospective and current instructors in institutions of higher education. Focuses on developing an understanding of the role of the college instructor, as well as the challenges facing that instructor when within the broader college or university environment.

COMS 610, Seminar in Organizational Communication (3)

Three hours seminar. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

Detailed study of theoretical and applied literature in organizational communication focusing on modern organizations. Topics for discussion include: the nature of communication in conceptualizing modern organizations, micro perspectives (interpersonal, group, public and technological contexts), macro perspectives (classical theory, human relations theory, feminist theory, cultural theory, systems theory, TQM models, quality circles, etc.), communication networks, communication auditing, organizational change and the role of the professional communicator.

COMS 611, Strategic Communication Ethics (3)

Three hours seminar. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

Survey of the legal and ethical constraints placed upon the content, form and transmission of messages in a variety of contexts related to personal, political, business and corporate life.

COMS 615, Seminar in Public Relations (3)

Three hours seminar. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

Examination of the public relations profession and application of theoretical and research literature in public relations. Topics for discussion include: the public relations industry, role of public relations in organizations and society, public relations ethics, public relations roles, public relations strategies and contemporary theories of public relations.

COMS 620, Training and Development (3)

Three hours seminar. Prerequisites: Graduate standing and COMS 605 or Instructor’s permission.

This course provides an overview of the communication skills important in contemporary organizations, and of the theoretic and practical concerns inherent in the assessment of communication needs within organizations, the provision of communication training and development and the assessment of outcomes. These processes are viewed from the perspective of internal organizational function, as well as from that of external consultants.

COMS 625, Issues Management (3)

Three hours seminar. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

The study of distinctive advocacy roles, relationships and strategies to maintain mutual lines of communication between various types of organizations and their publics including research and analysis of problems and issues, preparation and planning of appropriate action, development and implementation of effective communication and systematic evaluation.

COMS 626, Interactive Media and Analytics (3)

Online format. Prerequisite; Graduate Standing.

This course focuses on developing theoretical knowledge and proficiency in the use of interactive media in the field of communications. Students will critically examine various examples of interactive media and learn how to create their own audio and video podcasts, short animated pieces and a tutorial. Current readings on theoretical and practical perspectives on creation and consumption of interactive media will be reviewed through discussion posts and blog posts. Development of a web site for the course will give students more web site design skills as well as provide an active portfolio for their work.

COMS 630, Communication, Change, and Innovation (3)

Three hours seminar. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

The study of organizational change and innovation as a fundamental and recurrent series of events rooted in and dependent upon complex communication processes.

COMS 633, Persuasion Theory and Strategy (3)

Three hours seminar. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

Course explores concepts and theories relating to persuasion. Includes application to the message development and the corporate environments.

COMS 635, Contemporary Issues in Strategic Communication (3)

Three hours seminar. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

Study of current issues in stargetic communication. Topics to be announced. May be repeated under different topics.

COMS 640, Internship in Strategic Communication (3)

Prerequisites: Graduate standing and permission of the supervising

Instructor and permission of the Graduate Coordinator. An opportunity for practical application of communication theory to practical contexts. Requires a written proposal.

COMS 650, Interpersonal Communication (3)

Three hours seminar. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

Explores concepts and theories relating to interpersonal communication in work relationships and personal relationships.

COMS 651, Strategic Communication in Global Contexts (3)

Three hours seminar. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

Designed to promote active learning, cognitive mastery, affective experience and real-world application of relevant intercultural communication theories, issues and concepts. Both cross-cultural and intercultural theories and research will be examinded. This class will emphasize a "process" approach to the study of communication across cultures.

COMS 665, Seminar in Health Communication (3)

Prerequisites: Graduate standing, permission of the supervising instructor and permission of the graduate coordinator.

An online survey of research findings and theoretical models relevant to communication practices and health care at the interpersonal, group, organizational and societal levels.

COMS 673, Integrated Marketing Communication (3)

Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

From an applied perspective, this course will focus on identifying the principles of integrated marketing communication, as well as the historical aspects and leasing scholars in the field of IMC.

COMS 698, Directed Study (3)

Prerequisites: Graduate standing, permission of the Instructor and permission of the Graduate Coordinator.

Provides the opportunity for individual work with a faculty member in areas of mutual interest. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 hours of credit to count toward the degree.

COMS 699, Research and Thesis (6)

Prerequisites: Approval of student’s thesis proposal by the student’s thesis committee and by the dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Research.

Research project completed and reported by a thesis student in his or her area of interest addition to completing 18 hours of required classes, must complete 18 hours of electives as approved by their advisers. Students pursuing a non-thesis course of study must also pass a written examination prior to graduation.