Entry Requirements

The following procedures are required for submitting a graduate application for admission to Radford University for Strategic Communication.

  • Complete and submit Graduate Studies Application for Graduate Admissions form, including official copies of all undergraduate and graduate transcripts. This requirement applies even if an applicant has not yet completed an undergraduate degree.
  • Rather than the reference forms requested by the College of Graduate Studies and Research, applicants must provide at least three recent letters of reference, one of which must be written by a former professor or instructor. A letter writer may use the criteria on the reference forms as guides, but letters are required. The reference forms are not acceptable substitutes.
  • Write a short essay (typed, double-spaced, and limited to three pages in length) addressing the following issues: 
    • a. Upon what past experiences and interests do you base your present decision to apply to this graduate program?
    • b. How does study for the M.S. in this program fit in with your short- and long-term goals and career aspirations.
    • c. Is there any other information, not covered elsewhere in your application, that you would like to share with the program's graduate admissions committee?

Applicants whose native language is not English must also take either the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and submit scores as part of their application materials.

Application Deadlines

Applicants to the graduate program who want to receive graduate teaching assistantship (GTA), graduate assistantship (GA), or graduate research fellow (GRF) positions must apply for the fall semester; however, admission may be granted for the spring semester but it is most likely that funded positions will not be available at that time.

An applicant who is applying for the fall semester is recommended to have his or her application file completed by February 1. An applicant who is applying for admission for the spring semester is recommended to have his or her application file completed by September 15. We do accept applications after the recommended date but please consult the Graduate Coordinator for details.

Please note that these deadlines may vary from those required by the College of Graduate Studies and Research.

Application Review

Application materials provide a variety of information about an applicant's skills, talents, background, experiences, career goals, motivation, commitment and potential for successful completion of the program.

The Strategic Communication Admissions Committee will view each applicant's admission file as an integrated package.

No single item of information will be used as a sole criterion for any applicant. The application information enables the committee to select a class of entering graduate students who individually and collectively have the potential to make substantial contributions to the professional and intellectual environment of the program, university, and field. Admission is competitive. A packet of the application materials may be requested from the College of Graduate Studies and Research. You may also contact the college by telephone at 540-831-5431.