Dr. Adrian Aron

Research interests are in obstructive sleep apnea and cardiovascular Consequences, accessibility and efficacy of cardiac rehabilitation programs.

Dr. Shala Cunningham

Research interests are in the area of medical screening for physical therapists and interprofessional education through simulation.

Dr. Brent Harper

Research interests include musculoskeletal diagnosis for spinal and extremity conditions, outcomes and prognoses of orthopedic disorders and manual therapy and manipulation for spine and extremities.

Dr. Renee Huth

Research interests are in health, wellness and disparities in care, chronic diseases such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Other areas of research interests are motion analysis and muscular performance and medical education outcomes.

Dr. Kristen Jagger

Areas of research interests are in biomechanics and motion analysis, orthopedic rehabilitation, gait analysis, foot and ankle mechanics and lower extremity joint mechanics

Dr. William Kolb

Research interests are in the areas of total joint replacement, manual therapy, and health services including best methods to implement guidelines.

Dr. Alex Siyufy

Research interests include therapeutic taping and orthopedic Rehabilitation, motion analysis and EMG analysis.