Dr. Adrian Aron

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Brief Bio

Dr. Adrian Aron is Professor and Director of the Applied Cardiopulmonary Physiology Laboratory in the Department of Physical Therapy at Radford University.  He received his Ph.D. in clinical exercise physiology from Virginia Tech after having received a M.S. from Bloomsburg University in 2005. His areas of expertise include cardiac rehabilitation, cardiorespiratory function, and sleep apnea.  He has published original research in the International Journal of CardiologyResearch Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, and Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention, among other journals


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Current Projects


Aron, A., Parcetich, K. M., Bower, K., McNeary-Keyes, L., McPherson M., DiSalvo, E, Brooks, C., Stratton, R. Causative fall risk factors leading to readmission in acute care.

        The aim of this project is to investigate the effectiveness of current fall risk screening practices by acute care therapists to determine if inconsistent fall risk screening is associated with readmission to the hospital due to fall after discharge

Aron, A., Cunnigham, S., Brown, O., Dickson, C., Gravley, E., Yoder, I. Diagnostic momentum in PT.

        The purpose of this study is to determine whether diagnostic momentum is present in physical therapy and the effect it has on evaluation of patients. This is measured through the use of vignettes on randomly-assigned therapists with variable levels of experience.

Aron, A., Quiroga, L., Pitts, Q. Impact of OSA on Congestive Heart Failure cost.

        Our research wanted to know if there is an increased health care cost in congestive heart failure patients that also have obstructive sleep apnea as a comorbidity. Understanding the increased cost of congestive heart failure associated with obstructive sleep apnea may drive the health care systems to identify cost effective strategies for screening and treating sleep apnea before it becomes an excessive medical expense.

Aron. A, Weber, N., Reese, H., Lu, D., Piper, E. Ankle injury prevention in gymnastics

        The purpose of this study is to understand what characteristics can predict ankle injuries in female gymnasts. Measuring these characteristics before the competition season would allow for specific, individualized training aimed at reducing the risk of injury in gymnasts during their competition season.