Policies and Procedures

Student clinical experiences will follow cognitive, psychomotor, and affective preparedness and predetermined curriculum milestones to assure students are prepared for the area they will be asked to practice as students of physical therapy. Students will be required to complete three diverse 12-week full time clinical experiences at the end of each curricular year.

Clinical experiences may include but are not limited to skilled nursing home facilities, in-patient rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation, acute care, hospital, home health, and school settings. In their last clinical experience, students will have the option of exploring specialty areas of practice including neurology, pediatrics, research, community health, sports medicine, geriatrics, industrial rehabilitation, wound care, women's health, hippotherapy, lymphedema management, and aquatic therapy. Students will demonstrate entry-level practice by the end of the final clinical experience and before graduating with an entry-level DPT degree.

Clinical Handbook

For your reference, here is the link to the Clinical Education Policies and Procedures page: Clinical Handbook 2022-2023