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RUC DPT Program Announces

“Site Coordinator of Clinical Education of the Year” for 2022

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The Radford University Carilion - Department of Physical Therapy (RUC DPT) is honored to recognize Dr. Joe Cifaloglio, PT, DPT, GCS as our program’s “Site Coordinator of Clinical Education of the Year” in 2022. Dr. Cifaloglio, is the Clinical Practice Leader of University Relations and SCCE for FOX Rehabilitation.   

FOX Rehab offers a unique clinical experience for clinicians and students, operating within patient’s homes, but billed as outpatient therapy under Medicare Part B. The patient population is primarily geriatric, with the patient age averaging 82 years. Something that makes the FOX Rehab model of practice unique is that therapists and students meet the patients where they are in their homes and in senior living facilities. Their model merges multiple settings, home health, outpatient, and geriatrics in one dynamic practice.

“Working with the geriatric patients at FOX, I love providing a one-on-one therapy experience with each patient, versus the athletic population in an outpatient clinic when you are usually working with 2 to 3 patients at a time,” said Dr. Cifaloglio. “FOX Rehab practice provides a new appreciation as you witness your patients become more functional in their own living environments. This makes our model of practice very rewarding.”

FOX Rehab outpatient model emphasizes function. While traditional home health may see patients that are homebound, FOX Rehab clinicians treat patients that range from being close to homebound status to those who are living very active lifestyles. This practice model rewards people who flourish in creative and adaptable environments. “There is so much involvement in their life and plan of care. You see your patients succeed, building confidence, independence, and fitness by utilizing whatever can be found in their home environment, and within their personal living situation. That is what is super rewarding,” said Dr. Cifaloglio.

FOX Rehab also provides a mentorship program for all newly hired graduates. The mentorship program pairs newly hired graduates with an experienced mentor who helps them become oriented to this unique practice model. New hires begin with a smaller caseload while also shadowing their mentor and completing training modules guided by FOX leadership team. The mentorship program is something that FOX prides itself on, allowing new graduates and hires to become confident in their skills. “You're getting a strong foundation before you are placed into an environment where you are taking on a full caseload. We want to really make sure that our clinicians feel comfortable and supported before they are taking on a full caseload,” said Dr. Cifaloglio.

FOX Rehab operates as outpatient physical therapy in the home, including senior living facilities using an outpatient billing model under Medicare Part B. For more information about Fox Rehab, please access: