Do I need a specific degree in order to apply to the DPT program?

We accept any Bachelor's degree from any accredited college, as long as you complete our specific prerequisites (see website). The Bachelor's degree that you choose will not affect your admissions process, however, some degrees encompass our prerequisites more than others and some degrees prepare you more appropriately for the Physical Therapy Program curriculum. Some suggested degrees are Biology, Nutrition, Pre-Physical Therapy (also called Exercise Science) and Athletic Training.

Does your DPT program offer any specialty tracks?

The RU DPT program offers a doctorate degree that includes all basic aspects of physical therapy. While the program does not offer specialties, all students are given an opportunity for emphasis through clinical internships, a Capstone research project (completed in the 2nd and 3rd years of the Curriculum) and volunteer activities within a field of interest.  This will further enable all students to create a unique learning experience and will prepare our students to work in any practice setting upon graduation.

What are my chances of getting in?

It’s a highly competitive process and each year we receive hundreds of applications.  There are a maximum of 30 students admitted each year.  Applicants must meet all requirements in order to be a strong candidate.  The Selection Committee will take into account a combination of your GPA, GRE, healthcare experience and other extracirricular activities to determine if you qualify for an on-site interview.  Please see the PTCAS program page for the average GPAs and GRE scores for accepted applicants.

Where should I send my transcripts?

All transcripts should be sent directly to the College of Graduate Studies and Research, Buchanan House, PO Box 6928, Radford, VA 24142.

How many observation hours should I obtain?

The minimum number of observation hours with a Licensed Physical Therapist is 40. FYI - The median number completed by all PTCAS applicants last year was 219.

When will I know if I'm accepted?

At the time of your on-site interview you will receive a time frame with more details regarding this. Typically, our offers go out in December or January of the admissions cycle.


What are the prerequisite courses and what courses do I still need to take?

There are 34 credits of prerequisite courses, please refer to admission requirements page for more information.

Do I have to have all the prerequisite courses completed before I can apply?

No you do not, but you will have to have all of the courses completed prior to commencement of the program.  Our program policy allows for up to three (3) outstanding courses at the time of application.  Please note that the first course of our program is an off-calendar summer course that typically begins at the end of May.

Can I take all the required courses at a Community College?

We accept course work from both two and four year institutions; however, a conferred bachelor's degree is required prior to commencement of the program.

I graduated a long time ago; will I have to retake any course work?

This will be addressed on a case by case basis depending on the circumstances of the applicant. This will be determined by the Selection Committee after you submit your application to PTCAS. We accept an unlimited amount of courses that have been retaken.

Does Radford accept courses completed online?

Yes our program does accept online coursework. Keep in mind that for each of the Prerequisite Science courses, our program requires 4 credits (3 credits lecture + 1 credit lab) and this may be completed via traditional in-class, online or hybrid coursework.

Will Advanced Placement (AP) coursework be accepted towards the prerequisite requirements?

Yes, our program will accept the AP coursework towards your prerequisite requirements.  However, only the AP credits will be able to transfer, thus your prerequisite GPA (minimum of 3.0) will be calculated based on the college/university coursework completed.

If this is a class that was taken at the undergrad school (Eg, Human Anatomy and Physiology w/lab), will it have to be taken again for your program?

Yes. All students will need to take the full 120 credits of the curriculum. Please refer to our curriculum page for more information.

GPA/GRE Scores:

How do I calculate my prerequisite GPA?

Great question! We have created an Excel spreadsheet that makes this very easy.  Please download this spreadsheet and input your course grades and number of credits.  Also note that if your institution separates the lecture and lab grades, there is another worksheet that you can use by clicking on the bottom tab labeled "Lab Courses" that makes it easier for scenario.

What is the last acceptable date to sit for the GRE?

This will vary slightly per year, however generally the last acceptable date to take the GRE will be during the last week in September.  Please refer to the Application checklist for more information.

What is your GRE ETS code?

Please use ETS code 0373 to submit your official GRE scores to Radford University.

I have already sent my GRE scores to Radford University during a prior year application; will I need to have the GRE scores resubmitted?

No.  If you have previously submitted your GRE scores to Radford University, then the Graduate Admissions office will maintain the official scores on file for five years from the test date.

My GRE scores do not meet the preferred requirements, should I still apply?

Each applicant's overall admissions score is considered on an individual basis. Your GRE scores are only one component of multiple metrics in which the admission committee uses to determine which candidates receives an interview offer. 

I took my GRE in 2014, is that ok?

Radford University will only accept valid official GRE results that have been completed within the past 5 years.

What do previous years GPA/GRE statistics look like?

Accepted Students Average
2019 2020 2021
GRE - Verbal 153 153 152
GRE - Quantitative 152 152 152
GRE - Analytical 3.98 4.08 4.02
GPA - Prerequiste 3.56 3.54 3.51
GPA - Overall 3.62 3.61 3.63


Does the program offer housing for admitted and current students?

Yes, we have an agreement with Jefferson College of Health Sciences that allows our students to lease space at the Patrick Henry Building (about 2 blocks away). Students wishing to reside at the PH will be placed in double occupancy apartments (while spaces last). Additionally, every effort will be made to place students in similar programs of study together, and on the uppermost floor of the residence hall (which tends to be the quietest). The housing fee will include electricity, water, sewer, trash, cable, high-speed internet and access to an on-site gym. Students in will have the option to sign up for either the fall or spring semester; or both with an estimated cost of about $3,500 per semester. Please contact Residence Life directly for more information.

Tuition/Financial Aid:

How much is tuition?

Please refer to our tuition and fees page for more information.

I am listed as an out-of-state resident on my PTCAS application and need to complete an in-state tuition application. How can I do this?

Submitting a complete in-state tuition application is the only way to be considered for in-state residency.  Everyone will be listed as out-of-state status until an in-state tuition form is submitted an in-state residency is determined.  This does not mean that everyone who submits the in-state tuition form will qualify.  This form will not hold up the evaluation process for an applicant – it is listed on the check-list as a reminder that it needs to be submitted in order to be eligible for in-state status.  This field is only listed for applicants who have a Virginia address listed as either their current or permanent address on the PTCAS application.