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RU/RUC DPT & PTA Students support Hallowheels Fundraiser

2 RU/RUC student teams composed of DPT and PTA students and an RU OT student team, displayed their creative talents in making Halloween costumes for children with special needs who use wheelchairs or strollers for mobility. This fundraiser has grown from 8 student teams in the Roanoke area, to 24 teams throughout Virginia, with monies raised to support CATS: Children's Technology Service, a non-profit that provides donated durable medical equipment, free of charge, to children in need.

These teams met with the children and their families in September to collaborate on costume design and fitting, then spent countless hours building amazing costumes with a PVC frame around the child seated in their wheelchair. 

The RU/RUC DPT/PTA teams created Jaxon's toy chest, based on this child's love of Woody and Toy Story, and Donovan's flying carpet, based on Aladdin. Radford’s OT team created a Super Girl costume for a young lady who loves superheroes!

All the kids in their costumes can be seen on the CATS website: https://hr.atdevicesforkids.org/hallowheels-2019/

Please click on the link above and vote.

Please support this fantastic organization to supply kids with much-needed equipment by voting for your favorite costume and student team. Please vote today, only $1 a vote as the contest ends November 3rd!

Debbie Echternach

RU/RUC DPT/PTA teams Hallowheels coordinator

Student’s Experience:

My name is Lauren Boush and I was the team captain for the Radford PT/PTA Team #2. I wanted to comment a little bit about our experience with Hallowheels. First and foremost, it was an honor for us to get to create a costume for Donovan. He is such an inspiring and fun little boy with a supportive family. It was a pleasure interacting with his mother who is always making sure Donovan is getting the care that he needs, while taking care of a 4 year old and a baby as well. She was extremely flexible with the last minute changes we had to make to the costume and with being able to meet with us to make sure the costume fit properly before the reveal. In respect to building the costume, it was a really great experience to get to work with my fellow PTA classmates as well as some of the DPT students. This collaboration was an experience that will help us all professionally in the future and allowed us to see multiple different perspectives. It was a challenge at first to find a time where all of us could meet because of our busy school schedules. We finally decided to meet every Sunday for 5 weeks to work on the costume for 3-4 hours. There were also hours spent individually and in small groups to get some minor costume problems worked out. It was definitely a learning process for all of us and required us to think creatively about how to achieve the magical carpet costume. Overall, it was truly an amazing experience for all of us and allowed us to come together and use what we have learned so far in school to help someone. Hallowheels was the highlight of our semester and is something we will not forget. It was great for all of us to a part of such a great event that allows children with special needs shine like the stars that they are!

Lauren Boush