Roanoke Part-Time Program

It is a privilege to welcome you to Radford University's MSW program at the Roanoke Higher Education Center.  We offer an innovative and stimulating learning community for professional students seeking the MSW degree. The part-time Master of Social Work Program in Roanoke is located in Downtown Roanoke at the Roanoke Higher Education Center. The program is designed primarily for people working full-time in the human services arena, as all classes are offered on Saturday. Standard MSW curriculums are offered.

General Information

  • All core courses are offered on Saturday from 9 a.m. - noon, and from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.; one week on-site at Roanoke Higher Education Center, the next week online
  • Electives may be offered during the week
  • Standard cohort admitted in Fall

Plan of Study

Year 1

Fall (6 hrs)Spring (6 hrs)Summer (6 hrs)
HBSE 1 (SOWK 601)HBSE II (SOWK 602)Practice I (SOWK 631)
Policy I (SOWK 611)Research I (SOWK 621)Field I (SOWK 641)

Year 2

Fall (6 hrs)Spring (6 hrs)Summer (3, 6, or 9 hrs)
Practice II (SOWK 632)Biopsychosocial (SOWK 682)Policy II (SOWK 761)
Field II (SOWK 642)Research II (SOWK 772)Elective

Year 3

Fall (8 hrs)Spring (8 hrs)Summer (3 or 6 hrs)
Practice III (SOWK 783)Practice IV (SOWK 784)Seminar (SOWK 785)
Field III (SOWK 791)Field IV (SOWK 792)Elective