Tuition, Fees, and Costs

Master of Occupational Therapy Degree Program - Traditional Track

An admission acceptance deposit of $500 is required within 2 weeks of accepting our admission offer.

Please note that tuition and fees are set by the University Board of Visitor each May and are subject to change annually. Changes in the estimated indirect costs are largely related to external factors; your OT faculty remain very conscientious of costs and set these requirements accordingly.

Estimated 2023-2024 Tuition & Fees

MOT Traditional Track Full-Time In-State

SemesterCredit HoursTuitionProgram FeeComprehensive FeeTechnology FeeTotal Cost
115$5,805.00 $945.00$2,355.00 $75.00 $9,180.00 
214$5,418.00 $882.00$2,198.00 $70.00 $8,568.00 
36$2,322.00 $378.00$942.00 $30.00 $3,672.00 
415$5,805.00 $945.00$2,355.00 $75.00  $9,180.00 
515$5,805.00 $945.00$2,355.00 $75.00 $9,180.00 
69$3,483.00 $567.00$1,413.00 $45.00 $5,508.00 
79$3,483.00 $567.00$1,413.00 $45.00 $5,508.00 
Total Cost of Attendance$50,796.00 

MOT Traditional Track Full-Time Out-of-State

SemesterCredit HoursTuitionProgram FeeComprehensive FeeTechnology FeeCapital FeeTotal Cost
115$9,075.00 $945.00$2,355.00 $75.00 $285.00 $12,735.00
214$8,470.00 $882.00$2,198.00 $70.00 $266.00 $11,886.00 
36$3,630.00 $378.00$942.00 $30.00 $114.00  $5,094.00 
415$9,075.00 $945.00$2,355.00 $75.00 $285.00 $12,735.00
515$9,075.00 $945.00$2,355.00 $75.00 $285.00 $12,735.00
69$5,445.00 $567.00$1,413.00 $45.00 $171.00   $7,641.00 
79$5,445.00 $567.00$1,413.00 $45.00 $171.00   $7,641.00 
Total Cost of Attendance$70,467.00 

MOT Traditional Track Part-Time In-State

SemesterCredit HoursTuitionProgram FeeComprehensive FeeTechnology FeeTotal Cost
Total Cost of Attendance$50,796.00

MOT Traditional Track Part-Time Out-of-State

SemesterCredit HoursTuitionProgram FeeComprehensive FeeTechnology FeeCapital FeeTotal Cost
Total Cost of Attendance $70,467.00

OTA to MOT Bridge Track Out-of-State

SemesterCredit HoursTuitionProgram FeeComprehensive FeeTechnology FeeCapital FeeTotal Cost
Total Cost of Attendance $62,826.00

OTA to MOT Bridge Track In-State

SemesterCredit HoursTuitionProgram FeeComprehensive FeeTechnology FeeTotal Cost
Total Cost of Attendance$45,288.00
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Estimated 2023-2024 Costs

Estimated Indirect Costs

There are several additional costs beyond tuition and fees associated with obtaining the MOT degree. You will need to budget for the following as well:

Textbooks and learning resources: You can expect to pay $400-$500 dollars for textbooks each semester; several textbooks are used in multiple courses. The textbook cost is minimal during the Level II fieldwork semesters. We also require a 3-year subscription to the learning portal OT-U; this currently costs approximately $500; this resource is used across the curriculum.  

Professional association memberships: Certain courses will require regional (VOTA) or national (AOTA) association memberships. 

Housing and living expenses across all semesters, including summer: Costs will vary depending on where you choose to live, whether you have roommates, and so forth. Graduate students typically live off campus. Housing costs during Level II fieldwork (the last two terms in the program) could be different due to the geographic location of your fieldwork placements.

Transportation/travel costs: Depending on where you choose to live, students need to budget for gas & vehicle maintenance; a reliable car is considered necessary in this program. Campus and/or public transportation may or may not be available to fieldwork sites. There is a cost for parking permits on the Radford Main Campus. There is no cost for parking in the garage adjacent to the Radford University Carilion location.

Computer related expenses: Students should be prepared for costs related to having a reliable computer. Our program keeps paper-based requirements to a minimum, using the learning management system, e-files, and similar as much as possible. Students who want to print handouts should budget accordingly. While computer labs are available to students when they are on campus, most MOT students find it necessary to use a personal laptop or desktop computer. Due to the nature of the MOT curriculum, we urge you to have consistent access to a computer outside of campus including access to high-speed Internet. Office 365 is free to all Radford University students, which adequately meets the software needs of MOT students.

Fieldwork: Costs vary depending on individual circumstances; however you should be prepared for approximately $450 in this area. Costs related to this area include CPR certification, immunizations and/or titers, TB testing, criminal background checks, drug screens, and a Castle Branch subscription (portal for managing clinical clearance requirements).

Health Insurance: MOT students are required to be covered by a health insurance policy for the duration of the program. Premiums will vary depending on choice of coverage. If need be, students are encouraged to check for competitive pricing through  

Professional attire: No specific clothing is needed for general classes; however students need to stay mindful that MOT lab activities necessitate clothing that will be conservative and modest. Business casual clothing is required for certain class experiences and clinical fieldwork. Some Level II fieldwork sites may require scrubs or a certain color of pants/shirts. The MOT program provides any specialized PPE required by fieldwork sites.

Credentialing fees upon graduation: Credentialing fees upon graduation include the cost of registration for the NBCOT examination – this gives you your ‘R’. Every state in the US licenses OT practitioners – this gives you your ‘L’. The registration fee for the NBCOT exam is currently $515; state licensure fees vary by state. (Note that all OTs pay for renewal of certification, licensure, and professional memberships – it is part of enjoying the status of being a health professional!)

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