Our Academic Partners

Radford MBA offers additional benefits to students through our academic parnerships with other institutions. Radford University has academic partnerships with the following institutions: 



Radford MBA and Paris School of Business Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) offer a unique opportunity for Radford University Students who would like to pursue a Doctoral Degree after getting their MBA.

Similar to Radford MBA, Paris School of Business is also accredited by AACSB for having the highest international academic standards. The DBA program at Paris School of Business is a full-fledged doctoral degree with a firm entrance requirement based on professional experience. PSB is listed among excellent business schools reinforcing international influence by Eduniversal, a global rating agency, and is ranked among the top 25 business schools in France.

Based on the partnership, students who successfully complete their MBA at Radford University will be accepted to the DBA Program at Paris School of Business and will have the chance to get their Doctorate in Business Administration in just 2 years. Paris School of Business will count the coursework completed at Radford University towards the DBA program that will save both time and money for Radford Students. They will take advantage of the reduced tuition for the remaining two years of the DBA program. This corresponds to approximately a 33% saving on program tuition. Radford MBA students will have the option to complete their DBA either here in the US (online) or in Paris at Paris School of Business (in person). 

Please contact our office at radfordmba@radford.edu for more information.