MBA Students

Radford University MBA students come from a wide variety of undergraduate institutions and backgrounds. Many of these students are younger professionals who are just embarking on their careers, and they have chosen our program as the best way to begin their journey. By exercising the flexibility of the MBA program options, these students are able to meet their professional needs and position themselves for a successful career. 

Students who take two courses a session are considered to be full-time students. Full-time students are eligible to apply for graduate assistantships. Graduate Assistants (GAs) assist faculty and academic units. The GA selection process is competitive. The number of available GA positions are determined by the College every year. You can apply for a GA position if you are interested and are available to work with academic units in an academic year.   

Most of our students are working professionals and they prefer to take one course a session. We are proud of the fact that Radford MBA is listed among the Best Part-Time Programs in 2022 by Fortune Magazine. 

Whether part-time or full-time, our students share several characteristics: they are determined, committed, and have a career goal to achieve. 

Our students frequently mention that the reason they chose the MBA at Radford University is for:

  • Convenience - Classes are offered asynchronously online.
  • Value - No other AACSB-accredited MBA program in Virginia is a better value.
  • Flexibility - Part-time students can complete the program at their own pace (minimum completion time is 1 year and maximum completion requirement is 6 years).

There is one more reason -- the faculty. Our MBA students cite the dynamic interaction with our faculty as a key factor in choosing our program. Our graduate faculty have excellent professional credentials, and they bring this experience into the classroom by merging the academic with the real-time work environment of our students, infusing the curriculum with relevance.

Our MBA students are changing the way the region does business, and they are doing it while they earn their degree, not just when they finish. Like what you're seeing? Apply now!