Full-time MBA Students

MBA Students

Radford Univeristy MBA full-time students come from a wide variety of undergraduate institutions and backgrounds, but they tend to have one thing in common. Many of these students are younger professionals who are just embarking on their careers, and they have chosen our program as the best way to begin their journey. By exercising the flexibility of the MBA program options, these students are able to meet their professional needs.

Though our full-time students typically have less than five years of work experience, they are a diverse group that includes students from all around the globe, some with five, ten, or even twenty years of work experience. However, they all come together because they see an MBA as a valuable part of their toolkit for the future.

Full-time MBA students typically participate in the many professional development opportunities offered at Radford University and throughout the region. Our office sponsors a Friday professional development Brown Bag series throughout the semester which is targeted to the full-time student and includes relevant guest speakers and one-on-one career development advice.

Other opportunities for our full-time students include graduate assistantships, involvement in the MBA Student Association, access to our College of Business and Economics events and speaker series, applied projects in regional and global businesses, volunteer opportunities, and much more!

The full-time MBA student typically lives in Radford, or one of the other nearby communities of Christiansburg or Blacksburg, and they are engaged in life in our communities as well as on-campus. We can proudly say that through a variety of ways, MBA students are changing the way the region does business. Like what you're seeing? Apply now!