MBA Courses for Seniors

Want to get an early start on earning your MBA?

If you are a senior undergraduate in any major at Radford:

  • With a 3.2 or better GPA you can be an accelerated student – take 1-2 MBA courses per senior semester, courses will automatically transfer when you are accepted into the MBA. If you achieve a 3.5 and B’s or better in each MBA course the GMAT requirement can be waived.
  • With a 3.0 or better, you can get permission to take graduate courses and take 1 MBA course each semester. If you are later accepted into the MBA program you may petition to transfer the courses.

We have had quite a few students work towards their MBA degrees as undergraduates through Davis College's accelerated program. Here is what a couple of them had to say in an article about their experiences:

"No. 1, just do it. It helps immensely just getting in the program and seeing for yourself what it is like." And second, "Use your time in the program to connect with students who are further along in the program because they have a lot of valuable information and tools that have helped them and they are eager to help others and offer their advice." - Jennifer Falconer

"Dr. Schirr opened my eyes to how I could use my last year at Radford to get the most out of my resources here," said Courtenay Kaplan. Courtenay was was on the Highlanders women's soccer team and feared that graduate work would be impossible with her busy schedule, but with the trimodal delivery she made it work. "When I get out of soccer practice, I usually go to class," Courtenay said. "Or, if I get out of practice late, I can watch the recording while making dinner at home. I love the flexibility it offers."

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To learn more about the Davis College MBA accelerated program, contact the MBA Program Director at 540-831-6905 or