Alumni Profiles and Testimonials


Michael Dada, Risk Analytics Consultant at Deloitte, MBA '15

Radford University MBA was my choice to expand my business knowledge and expertise due to the University’s relationships with local companies. This created an avenue for consulting projects tackling different challenges and increased learning all at the same time. At Radford, I was able to get involved and have an impact on the University through participation in the MBASA (MBA Student Association), Radford Advocacy Day, Graduate Student Council, and being featured on Radford's Homepage. Having an MBA is not enough for success; it is what you do with it and the skills you gain along the way that matter the most. After my earning my MBA at Radford, I plan to pursue a career in management consulting leading to the creation of my own international firm.


Jena Braden, MBA '15

Being a member of the Highlander Volleyball team and finishing my undergraduate degree in Mathematics in three years, I was looking for a way to further develop all of the things I have learned on the court and in the classroom.  I began researching the MBA program here at Radford and discovered that this was the place I needed to be.  Not being sure of exactly which branch of business I would feel comfortable in, the advisors, administrators, and professors have been very helpful and encouraging. They have pointed me in the right direction.  Being an athlete creates scheduling, testing, and deadline conflicts.  The MBA staff was there to actively help solve all of my issues.  They have been extremely involved in my development as a person and student here at RU.  Choosing to earn my MBA from Radford will definitely prepare me to tackle business challenges facing us now and into the future!  Take a look…You will like what you see!


Juna Gjata: MBA '14

"As an international student, I thought that an MBA from an American University can significantly advance my career. Obtaining a graduate degree has been an aspiration of mine since the beginning of my college education. However, I did not fully realize its importance until I started working after my graduation from college. I believe that the leadership, management and entrepreneurial skills obtained from a Radford University MBA will complement the financial skills I acquired from my undergraduate degree. An MBA will set me apart from my peers. In the future, I would like to own and operate my own business."


Kari Callanan, Sr. Financial Analyst for Carilion Clinic, RU MBA 2010

"My MBA experience through Radford University was very rewarding.  Not only did I receive a good education with interactive and relevant learning, but the program catered to my schedule as well.  By taking evening classes at the Roanoke Higher Education Center, I was better able to both manage my work schedule and succeed academically.  I believe that my experiences in Radford's MBA program will greatly benefit my career in healthcare finance."


Emily Wong, Assistant Director of Admissions at Randolph College,  RU MBA 2009

"Receiving my MBA from Radford University strengthened my leadership abilities and increased my knowledge of the business world. These skills are vital in all industries and broadened the career opportunities available to me upon graduation. I was able to obtain a position in higher education as Assistant Director of Admissions because the institution was looking for an individual with a strong management and business background. Through my MBA, I gained the flexibility to choose the career path that appealed to me."


Laura Villada, RU MBA 2010

"Working toward an MBA gave me the opportunity to improve my skills and knowledge of the functional areas of management. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice during an Applied Project for the Science Museum of Western Virginia during which I improved my insight of the management of a non-profit organization and allowed me to contribute to its long-term effectiveness."


Rev. Remi Sojka, pastor of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Blacksburg, VA., RU MBA 2004

"Church has several different dimensions to it, and one of the dimensions is business. To be a pastor in a church, you have twofold responsibilities. You are an administrator, which obviously has to do a lot with business-oriented activities, and the second part of your responsibilities is pastoral in regards to the spiritual needs of parishioners."

"Having knowledge of how finances work and the ability to read financial statements and understand them and having a better understanding of human resources, and also the ability to see how many organizations work, how things are being connected -- let's say human resources with financial resources with building and grounds and seeing logistically how these flow -- it's very helpful."