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The Radford University Master's of Business Administration (MBA) provides a broad-based, cross-functional education in core business areas with target electives in analytics and innovation designed to prepare students for advanced leadership roles in both private and public sectors of the global economy. Graduate business courses provide experiential learning opportunities that engage students in the educational process, thereby providing a bridge between theory and practice.

Our AACSB-accredited MBA program is offered on campus and online

Radford University MBA Classes are offered on campus and online. As a full-time student, you can earn your MBA in 2 years (no summers) through face-to-face evening classes on campus while engaging in programs and coursework designed to prepare you to become a leader in a diverse global work environment. 

As a part-time MBA student, you can complete the program online in as little as 2 years (includes summers) and you will develop relevant skills and knowledge that will benefit your career during your coursework, not just after receiving the degree. Learn more information about MBA classes online.

Course Rotations for on-campus and online classes are designed to run in a continuous loop so you can start at any time and finish in 2 years:

On campus 2 year rotation

Semester Year Course   Delivery
Fall 2016 ACTG611   On campus
Fall 2016 MKTG641   On campus
Fall 2016 ANLY1   On campus
Spring 2017 MGNT621   On campus
Spring 2017 MGNT624 MGNT685 On campus
Spring 2017 INNO1   On campus
Fall 2017 ECON651   On campus
Fall 2017 FINC631   On campus
Fall 2017 ANLY2   On campus
Spring 2018 INNO2   On campus
Spring 2018 ELECTIVE   On campus
Spring 2018 MGNT624 MGNT685 On campus

Online 2 year rotation

Semester Year Course   Delivery
Fall 2016 MGNT621   Online
Fall 2016 INNO1   Online
Spring 2017 ACTG611   Online
Spring 2017 ANLY1   Online
Summer 1 2017 ECON651   Online
Summer 2 2017 MKTG641 MGNT685 Online
Fall 2017 MGNT624   Online
Fall 2017 INNO2   Online
Spring 2018 FINC631   Online
Spring 2018 ANLY2   Online
Summer 1 2018 ELECTIVE   Online
Summer 2 2018 MKTG641 MGNT685 Online

The Radford MBA Program is flexible: Students are welcome to take courses in their preferred delivery format, on-campus or online, and can complete the program at their own pace as long as it’s within the six-year degree completion requirement.