Visual Impairment, PreK-12

Thank you for your interest in Special Education, Visual Impairment program offered through Radford University and the Virginia Consortium for Teacher Preparation in Visual Impairment

Other members of the consortium include George Mason University, James Madison University, Norfolk State University and Old Dominion University. Although our coursework is delivered through a combination of hybrid and distance-learning approaches, we stress the importance of hands-on experiences. We use real-time, interactive instruction and interactive course management to build a single virtual “classroom” among participants at each of the five universities. 

Benefits of our Program

  • Endorsement in Visual Impairment
    This program is for teachers who already hold a license in special education and would like to become certified to teach students with visual impairments and blindness. This requires 20 hours of coursework and four hours of internship after review and approval of prior coursework. If you are a general education teacher additional coursework may be required.
  • Initial Licensure in Visual Impairment
    This program is for people who do not have a teaching license. It requires 28-37 hours of coursework and four hours of internship.
  • Master's in Special Education with a concentration in Visual Impairment
    This program is for individuals interested in a master's degree in special education with visual impairments.  Only one additional course in educational research is required beyond the full licensure program.

Discover Your Options

  • A master’s degree in special education with a concentration in special education, visual impairment
  • The visual impairment endorsement is a separate special education licensure program that requires a minimum of 21 hours of highly specialized coursework. 
  • Provisionally licensed teachers submit their VDOE transcript analysis and work with their advisor to develop a program of study which satisfies the courses listed as deficiencies.
  • Some of the eight courses in visual impairment can be used as electives or for professional development and recertification points with approval from your school district.
  • Persons with a bachelor’s degree take up to 39 hours of coursework in education and visual impairment and 6 hours of internship to obtain initial licensure in special education, visual impairment. However, students who complete one year of successful, co-supervised full-time teaching experience in this endorsement area in a public school or accredited nonpublic school during their graduate program may be given the opportunity to have this experience accepted in lieu of the supervised teaching internship. 

Required Courses and Field Experiences (28-37 hours)

  • EDSP 651 - Students with Diverse Learning Needs and the Special Education Process (3)
  • EDSP 622 - Collaboration to Teach and Support Diverse Learners (3)
  • EDSP 670 - Proactive Classroom Management and Advanced Positive Behavior Support (3)
  • EDSP 650 - Characteristics of Students with Visual Impairments (3)
  • EDSP 653 - Teaching Methods for Students with Visual Impairments (3)
  • EDSP 654 - Assistive Technology for Individuals with Sensory Impairments (3)
  • EDSP 655 - Braille Code (3)
  • EDSP 656 - Braille Reading and Writing (3)
  • EDSP 657 - Curriculum and Assessment for Students with Visual Impairments (3)
  • EDSP 658 - Medical and Educational Implications of Visual Impairments (3)
  • EDSP 659 - Orientation and Mobility for Students with Visual Impairments (2)
  • EDSP 771 - Teaching Internship in Visual Impairments, Elementary (3)
  • EDSP 772 - Teaching Internship in Visual Impairments, Secondary (3)