Early Childhood Special Education Consortium


This consortium is for early childhood special education(ECSE) teachers with a  provisional licensure and others seeking ECSE endorsement and is funded by the Virginia Department of Education. Consortium partnership includes Radford University and the University of Lynchburg.


Apply to Radford University (RU) College of Graduate Studies as a non-degree-seeking graduate student, certificate-seeking student, or degree-seeking student (MS degree in Special Education with a concentration in ECSE) by no later than one month before the start of the semester (see university academic calendar for start dates).

To apply for funding through the Virginia Consortium for Teacher Training in ECSE, please complete the online application

Consortium Partner: University of Lynchburg

Contact Dr. Andrew Bruce for information about the University of Lynchburg and Dr. Sharon Gilbert for information about Radford University. 

Courses the ECSE Consortium Grant Supports as Funding Allows


  • Foundations and Legal Aspects of Special Education - EDSP 651: Students with Diverse Learning Needs and the Special Education Process
  • Assessment - EDSP 637: Early Childhood Assessment and Intervention
  • Curriculum and Instructional Programming - EDSP 686: Instructional Programming to Teach Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers with Disabilities
  • Speech-language - EDSP 602: Language Disorders: Birth to Five Years
  • Medical aspects - EDSP 639: Medical Aspects of Teaching Young Children with Disabilities
  • Behavioral Management - EDSP 670: Proactive Classroom Management and Advanced Positive Behavior Support
  • Consultation - EDSP 622: Collaboration to Teach and Support Diverse Learners
  • Family-centered Consultation - EDSP 648: Program Management in Early Childhood Special Education



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch from non-degree-seeking to degree-seeking?

Yes, but only 9 credit hours will transfer (or the equivalent of three classes) to the degree program. You will also be required to submit a new application to RU, including the application fee.

How will I know if I’m registered for a course?

Follow these steps.

  • Click on the Academic tab after signing into OneCampus
  • Click on Course Registration
  • Click on Registration Resources
  • Click on Student Detailed Schedule

How do I find my bill?

Sign into OneCampus and click on View Student Account Charges Detail. Scroll to the bottom and view charges for the current semester. You should also receive an email letting you know that you have a bill to be paid. You can also see on the bill if you’ve received funding for a course through the ECSE consortium grant.

Do I need to reapply for funding after the first time?

No. Once you have completed the online form, you will receive funding for the courses supported by the grant until funding runs out for the fiscal year.

How do I know which courses to take?

Your advisor will work with you to create your program of study. 

Who do I contact in Financial Aid if I have questions?

Karen Hedge at 540-831-5408.

What are some sources of funding to pay for graduate courses at RU?

How do I drop a course?

If you are dropping one or more courses, you must contact the Registrar’s Office and request to be dropped from the course. Use your Radford University email to make this request. Confirm that you’ve been dropped. Otherwise, you will be responsible for paying for the course(s).