Curriculum & Instruction, with Licensure

Do you already have a bachelor's degree in some other field, but believe that you would like to now get a teaching license? Our master’s plus licensure program is ideal for you!

Our program allows you to get licensure plus a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction in as little as 18 months (depending on licensure area and previous coursework).

Note: Our program is a hybrid of our M.S. in Education, Curriculum and Instruction program with our undergraduate licensure programs. This means that you will be taking some graduate courses just for the master’s degree, some graduate courses for licensure (those that are the equivalent of undergraduate level licensure courses), as well as licensure courses at the undergraduate level (part of our state-approved licensure programs).

All the licensures below involve taking (or taken in previous or undergraduate coursework) "content area courses." This is the specific background in certain subject areas.  


You must choose two of the following content areas for licensure: 

  • English
  • Social Studies
  • Math
  • Science



You must choose one of the following content areas for licensure: 

  • Biology
  • Physics 
  • Earth and Space Science
  • Chemistry
  • Social Studies
  • English  
  • Math

Similar to the curriculum and instruction (no licensure) route, you will have some element of choice over courses you take. Although, many of the choices will be made for you due to also seeking licensure, which requires certain specific courses.

Just like the curriculum and instruction (no licensure) route, to earn the degree, you must also pass comprehensive written and oral examinations. You will have a choice of the following for the written portion:

  • Portfolio
  • Written exam
  • Scholarly research

Application Flowchart

Is my application complete?

Application will be reviewed for an admissions decision.
Were you accepted?

Your transcript will be reviewed by the Certification Officer to determine courses needed for Virginia Licensure.

Schedule a meeting with the MS in Education Coordinator to determine your options and/or next steps.

The MS in Education Coordinator will schedule a meeting to plan your course schedule and program of study before your first semester begins.

Schedule a meeting with your faculty advisor during your first semester of course work.

Identify missing elements and submit them.