Admissions Requirements


We review applications three times a year - on or around April 15, July 15 and Nov. 15.

Application Requirements

Start the online application process now! Required materials to submit with application:

  • Transcripts of all university/community college work (we would like to see at least a 3.0 GPA*, but will look at other materials if you fall below).
  • Two letters of professional recommendation speaking to the applicant’s success and/or potential as a professional teacher of students in grades preK-12 and potential for success as a graduate student.
  • Resume.
  • Written statement of application to the M.S. in Education (Contents of the written statement are concentration-specific. Please contact the graduate program coordinator at for details on what to include).

*Applicants who do not meet all the above admission criteria (e.g. fall short on GPA or below certain test scores) may still apply, but evaluation of such applicants may require additional compensatory application materials (e.g. an interview with program area faculty; and/or documentation of successful teaching experience; and/or professional work or life experiences that attest to personal growth and potential in graduate studies, beyond that represented by test scores or GPA). You will be contacted after you apply if we wish for you to submit additional materials.