Degree Requirements

The reading specialist (K-12) program leads to a master of science in Literacy Education and requires 33 semester hours. Endorsement requires at least three years of successful classroom teaching experience in which the teaching of reading was an important responsibility. In addition, endorsement requires passing scores on the Reading for Virginia Educators - Reading Specialist (RVE), which is taken at the end of the program. 

Program Requirements (33 hours)

Course Title Credit Hours
EDEF 606 Educational Research 3
EDRD 624 Administration and Supervision of Reading Programs 3
EDRD 630 Teaching Reading in the Content Areas 3
EDRD/EDSP 641 Assessment and Intervention for Language Development 3
EDRD 688 Foundations of Literacy Education 3
EDRD 692 Reading Diagnosis: Assessment to Inform Instruction 3
EDRD/EDSP 695 Alternative Approaches to Reading 3
EDRD 697 Practicum: Diagnostic and Intervention in Literacy 6
EDSP 669 Diagnostic Educational Procedures for Exceptional Individuals 3
EDUC 670 Multicultural Education 3


For successful completion of the graduate Literacy Education Program all candidates are required to attain a benchmark score of 162 or higher on the Reading for Virginia Educators - Reading Specialist. Candidates will be allowed two opportunities to successfully pass the RVE - Reading Specialist. A Master's degree will not be awarded if a candidate fails to achieve the score of 162 or higher after taking the RVE a second time.