Autism Studies

The Certificate of Autism Studies is designed to prepare personnel to educate and support individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The program consists of four courses (12 semester hours) covering the Skill Competencies for Professionals and Paraprofessionals as outlined by Virginia’s Autism Council and is based on empirical research and best practices. There is no Virginia licensure in the area of ASD. Those who complete the program will receive Radford University’s Post Baccalaureate Certificate of Autism Studies. Required courses are:

Required Courses

  • EDSP 500: An Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • EDSP 501: Approaches for Supporting and Teaching Individuals with ASD
  • EDSP 502: Expanding Social Competence for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • EDSP 670: Proactive Classroom Management and Advanced Positive Behavior Support

Although the certificate is not available to undergraduates, the courses are available to them as EDSP 400, 401, 402, and 462 and will be listed on their transcripts.



Autism Certificate Contact
r. Leslie Daniel
Office: Peters Hall C155
Phone: 540-831-7194
Email: ldaniel10@radford.edu

Reading Specialist

The Reading Specialist Certificate offers Reading Specialist endorsement coursework for educators who already have a graduate degree in the field of education and three years of teaching experience.

Required Courses

  • EDRD 624: Administration and Supervision of Reading Programs
  • EDRD 630: Teaching Reading in the Content Areas
  • EDRD/EDSP 641: Assessment and Intervention for Language Development
  • EDRD 688: Foundations of Literacy Education
  • EDRD 692: Reading Diagnosis: Assessment to Inform Instruction
  • EDRD 697: Practicum: Diagnostic and Intervention in Literacy (6 credits)
  • EDUC 670: Multicultural Education

For successful completion of the Reading Specialist Certificate program, all candidates are required to attain a passing score or higher on the Reading for Virginia Educators - Reading Specialist. Candidates will be allowed two opportunities to successfully pass the RVE - Reading Specialist. A Reading Specialist Certificate will not be awarded if a candidate fails to achieve the passing score or higher after taking the RVE a second time.

Admissions Requirements

Applications are accepted on a rolling admission basis.

  • Graduate degree in the field of education
  • Minimum undergraduate grade point average of 2.75 overall.
  • Send official transcripts for all undergraduate and graduate coursework including degrees conferred.
  • Submit an essay (typed, double spaced, three pages in length), that includes the following:
    • What past work experiences and interests influenced your decision to apply for the reading education program?
    • Describe your short- and long-term goals and career aspirations as they relate to the reading program.
      (Essays will be evaluated by the admissions committee as part of the application).
  • References should be from two individuals who can address your history of successful teaching experiences with students and your potential for academic and professional success in the field of literacy education.
  • Submit a copy of your teaching license.

Dr. Jennifer Jones-Powell
Reading Specialist Certificate Contact

Office: Peters A019
Phone: 540-831-5311
Email: jjones292@radford.edu



The Mathematics Education Certificate Program consists of six courses (18 semester hours) providing professional development for licensed high school mathematics teachers across the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics content strands. Those who complete the program receive Radford University’s Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Mathematics Education. 

Required Courses

  • MATH 600: Foundations of the Number System
  • MATH 623: Algebraic Reasoning and Mathematical Structures
  • MATH 630: Algebra and Functions for Secondary Teachers
  • MATH 635: Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry
  • MATH 641: Mathematical Analysis and Modeling
  • STAT 644: Applied Statistics for Teaching

Math Education Certificate Contact
Dr. Darryl Corey

Office: Peters Hall C147A
Phone: 540-831-5738
Email: dcorey3@radford.edu