DNP Prepares APNs

Utilizing a holistic perspective, the DNP is prepared with ability and expertise to:

  •  Maintain expanded responsibility and accountability in the care and management of individuals and families
  •  Direct practice, guide and coach individuals and families through development, health-illness, and situational transitions
  •  Formulate therapeutic partnership to facilitate informed decision- making, positive lifestyle change, and evidence-based interventions in health and illness management
  • Document practice trends, identify potential system changes, and make improvements in the care of their particular patient population in the systems within which they practice
  •  Define actual and emerging problems and health interventions at the aggregate/systems/ organization level
  • Focus their practice on administrative, healthcare policy, informatics, and population-based specialties focus their practice on aggregates
  • Demonstrates competencies in conduction comprehensive organizational, systems, and/or community assessments to identify aggregate health or system needs
  • Work with diverse stakeholders for inner- or intra- organizational achievement of health-related organizational or public policy goals
  • Design patient-centered care delivery systems or policy level delivery models (AACN, 2006)