Practicum Information

This program teaches students how to be effective and competent counselors through the learning and practice of clinical skills. The clinical courses must be taken is progression and specifically teach the mastery of these skills:

  • COED 641 – Practicum: Individual Counseling Techniques (Prerequisites are COED 610, 611, and 612)
  • COED 642 – Practicum: Group Counseling Techniques (Prerequisites are COED 641 and 614)

What is Expected

  • Completion of all advanced prerequisites, be in good academic standing and have no “Incomplete” grades;
  • Behavior that is consistent with the Ethical Standards of the American Counseling Association;
  • Psychological well-being in professional interactions with faculty, students, and clients;
  • Appropriate self-understanding and knowledge about how one’s self influences work with clients;
  • Embrace and trust the ambiguity of learning and expanding new skills so as to individualize counseling approaches to diverse clients and client problems;
  • Ability to handle the stress inherent in a professional helping position;
  • Willingness to be referred for counseling when academic progress or clinical practice is impaired by unresolved issues; and
  • Professional behavior that is consistent with the anticipated professional position or intern placement, including oral presentation and writing ability and the ability to manage administrative aspects of counseling and student affairs administration