Prospective Students

Do you want to learn more about Radford University’s Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) program?  Our 1st cohort begins June 2022.  We are holding virtual question and answer information sessions via Zoom throughout the Fall 2021 semester.  Please see below for MSAT Information Sessions and send a request at least 12 hours before the meeting times. 

Please email Dr. Sarah Rabe, EdD, LAT, ATC - MSAT Program Director for a Zoom Invitation.

Friday August 27, 2021 - 1-2pm
Monday August 30, 2021 - 5-6pm
Wednesday September 1, 2021 - 11-12pm
Friday September 3, 2021 - 1-2pm
Monday September 6, 2021 - 4-5pm 
Thursday, September 9, 6-7PM
Monday September 13, 12-1pm
Tuesday September 14, 6-7pm
Wednesday September 15, 6-7pm 
Monday September 20, 5-6PM
Wednesday September 22, 12-1PM
Tuesday September 28, 2-3PM
Thursday September 30, 4-5PM

What are our alumni saying about Radford University's Athletic Training Program

Lauren Cox DAT, LAT, ATC – Class of 2017
Ferrum College - Assistant Athletic Trainer
Field Hockey, Volleyball, Men’s Wrestling, Women’s Lacrosse

“I am currently the associate athletic trainer at Ferrum College and I graduated from Radford’s Bachelor of Science AT program in 2017. The program not only provided the education I needed to start my athletic training career but the staff provided ample encouragement and support for me to pursue my doctorate in athletic training [from Indiana State] with which I graduated in 2019. The RU AT program spring-boarded me into my career as an athletic trainer and I will always be grateful for the doors the program opened for me.”

Chelsea Frascoia, MS, LAT, ATC – Class of 2013
Health Sciences CTE Teacher and Athletic Trainer- Marietta HS Marietta, GA

“Radford University’s athletic training program was the perfect fit for me. From the start it was evident my professors cared about me as a person and my success in whatever path I chose. It was close knit and small enough for me to create the relationships I wanted and gain the confidence I needed but gave me all of the tools and experiences to be successful on a larger stage. The program will take you as far as you let it!”

Melanie (Warren) Lewis, PhD, LAT, ATC – Class of 2007
Department Chair & Associate Professor, Health and Sport Science, Averett University 

“The athletic training program at Radford not only taught me the skills to be a certified athletic trainer, but it taught me life skills.  Time management, deescalating conflict, and networking are a few that I still use everyday.  This program means a lot to me. The friendships and relationships that I developed while I was in the program helped me get to where I am now and I will forever be grateful to the Radford University Athletic Training Program.” 

Brenna Burke, LAT, ATC – Class of 2019
Injury Prevention Specialist at Amazon 

“Being a part of Radford’s AT Program gave me the skills and confidence I needed in order to maintain a successful career as an AT. Graduating with my certification in hand meant the world to me! I can’t be thankful enough for the education and advice I got from my RU family, go Highlanders!” What are our clinical preceptors saying about Radford University's Athletic Training Program

Sean Burton, MBA, LAT, ATC – Class of 2006
Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughters

“Radford being a smaller D1 university allowed me to get better one on one attention with the ATP teachers, as well as with high level athletics. This is something I truly appreciated once I had graduated and had the confidence to jump into a head Athletic Trainer role my first year out of college.”

Kurt Thiele, MA, LAT, ATC, CPO, NASM-CPT, CNC - Class of 2015
Carroll Wellness Center - Director of Fitness Operations

"The Athletic Training program at Radford University was by far one of the highest quality  educational experiences I have ever had. The academic staff really take the time to give you all of the tools and knowledge you will need to enter into the Sports Medicine workforce fully prepared." 

Chris Proctor, ATC, CES, FMT, CEAS, CEFE – Class of 2008
Occupational Health; Heartland Regional

“The Radford University Athletic Training Program set me up for success. In my career as an athletic trainer, I have collaborated with many athletic trainers from many backgrounds, and every time our respective ATPs are discussed, I realize just how blessed I was to have had the opportunity to learn at RU. In addition to the didactic and clinical education we received, which seems to have been beyond what many receive at other institutions, Dr Mickle and Dr Moore ensured the connections were there that allowed understanding of the material beyond simple knowledge. My education at Radford is a major part of the success of my career to this point, and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity I had to learn from some of the best the profession has to offer.”

What are our clinical preceptors saying about Radford University's Athletic Training Program

Chad Hyatt, MS, LAT, ATC – Head Athletic Trainer - Radford University - Clincal Preceptor

“Radford University is an outstanding place to come live and learn. There are many words that come to mind when thinking about Radford, but “Family” is at the top. A medium sized school with a small school feel. Everyone can get the attention that they deserve and the opportunity to work with a wonderful athletic program first hand. The coaches and student-athletes are a great group of individuals all working together for a common goal. There is no better place to start your professional career than right her in the heart of the New River Valley.”

John Shifflett, MS, LAT, ATC, – Associate Athletic Trainer, Radford University - Clinical Preceptor

"The experience that an athletic training student can get at Radford University is nothing short of amazing. The variety of clinical settings complement what is being taught in the classroom and allows the students to implement everything that they are learning. For a potential student that would like to learn and gain experience from both veteran and young professionals, Radford would be a great choice."

Adam M. Viet, MAEd, LAT, ATC – Class of 2013 - Clinical Preceptor
USAF Veteran
Head Athletic Trainer - Pulaski County High School

"Radford University and the ATEP program provided an incredibly strong foundation for my professional career.  I continue to lean on the network of people who I learned from during my time in the Radford University Athletic Training Program and use the knowledge and skills from the classroom and clinical sites on a daily basis.  As a proud alum I am forever indebted to the team of people at Radford University who work to make sure the RUATEP program continues to grow by preparing the next generation of professionals for this unique, ever-changing career field. "Adam. Forever Indebted. RUATP." 

Andrew Waff, MS, LAT, ATC – Class of 2019 – Clinical Preceptor
Head Athletic Trainer – Radford High School

“I loved the AT program at RU!  I enjoyed my time there with all of the professors, ATC's, student athletes and fellow AT students.  I got an excellent education that prepared me to be a healthcare provider.  I am a proud alum that brags about the excellent program I graduated from!  I want to show my love for my University and the AT program by being a preceptor for the AT students.  If you are reading this then you have chosen wisely.  Go RU, Highlander Pride!”

Krista Milton, MAed, LAT, ATC – Class of 2013 – Clinical Preceptor
Coordinator of Athletic Training (Head Athletic Trainer) at Salem High School

“I have to give a lot of my success to Radford University Athletic training program for the experiences they gave me working with
Division 1 Athletics as well as High school athletics. The connections I built there with my colleagues and mentors is exactly why I am in the position I am in now.  Go Highlanders!”

Dr. Rony Masri, PT, DPT, OCS, LAT,ATC, FAAOMPT – Clinical Preceptor
President and Founder of Total Motion Physical Therapy

"The Athletic Training Program at Radford University really prepares their students for the real world.  Being a site for their students over the past 10 years, I can say the caliber of the student is very good and they are getting a top notch education that gets them ready for the NATABOC exam.”


Prerequisite requirements for admission to Radford University's Master of Science in Athletic Training Program include:

  • Verification of 50 clock hours of observation with a certified athletic trainer.  Please use this form (opens to a .pdf) to document observation hours.
  • Three letters of recommendation (preferably from a supervising certified athletic trainer, supervising health professional, employer, or professor)
  • Signed Program Paperwork
  • Current vaccinations for Hepatitis B, mumps, measles, rubella, tetanus, meningitis and diphtheria
  • Application Packet - Instructions and Resources

Required Prerequisite Courses

Please note that if you attended Radford University as an undergraduate student, you may refer to the specific RU equivalent course list for suggested prerequisite courses.                                                                                             

Anatomy and Physiology 8 credits Grade of B- or better
Biomechanics or Kinesiology 3 credits Grade of B- or better
Excerise Physiology 3 credits Grade of B- or better
Nutrition 3 credits Grade of B- or better
General Biology 4 credits Grade of C or better
Chemistry 4 credits Grade of C or better
Physics I 4 credits Grade of C or better
Introduction to Psychology 3 credits Grade of C or better
Math (college algebra or above) 3 credits Grade of C or better
Statistics 3 credits Grade of C or better

12 Additional Required Courses

Chemistry II 4 credits  
Human Growth and Development 3 credits  
Introduction to Athletic Training 3 credits* Grade of B or better Required
Strength and Conditioning 3 credits  
Ethics 3 credits  
Measurement and Evaluation 3 credits  
Research Methods 3 credits  
Upper Division Psychology 3 credits  
Upper Division Health 3 credits