Program Cost

Radford University identifies the costs of tuition and fees on an annual basis.  In addition to the normal tuition, students in the Athletic Training Program can anticipate that the costs associated with the program may be higher than other majors on campus.  In addition to the normal costs for textbooks and other classroom supplies, students can anticipate additional approximate costs for the following items:

1.      All graduate application fees (non-refundable)

$ 50


2.     Seat acceptance Deposit (applied to student account) 



3.     Program course embedded fees (AT Tracking System/TK20 currently, electronic                           

$250 Student Portfolio                       


4.     Parking permit (per year)                                                                     



5.     Expendable and non-expendable educational supplies such as athletic tape, stethoscopes and other tools used in injury evaluation and treatment.           



6.     Textbooks   



7.     Clothing for use in clinical experiences*                                                       



8.     Transportation cost (e.g., gas money for clinical assignments, this is highly dependent on clinical assignment, the ATP makes all attempts to minimize student travel



9.     Criminal Background Checks and Drug Testing  (may incur cost yearly) 



10.  CPR & First Aid recertification cost every two years. 



11.  Professional Fees (Membership to NATA, yearly)   



12.  Travel and accommodations to professional conferences



13.  Clinical experience immunization requirement 



14.  Post Exposure Medical Costs (dependent upon personal  insurance)



15.  Board of Certification (BOC) Review Test Fees



16.  Board of Certification (BOC) Exam Costs



17.  Graduation Regalia (dependent on purchase or rental options)



Courses starts in May, with on campus living (or commuting) necessary beginning of June**. Students are responsible for on campus or local housing, transportation, food, and any other programmatic and/or course expenses. The ATP attempts to list all expected costs but there may be unexpected costs not listed.

*Program clothing requirements found under Clinical Experience Policies - Dress code.

**Specific program reporting days vary by cohort and will be provided in Letter of Acceptance.