Graduate Programs and Degrees (Main Campus & RUC)

Arts-Fine Arts, MFA

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Art with a concentration in Design Thinking  is a 100% online, terminal degree graduate program that provides students with in-depth experiences in using the design process to solve complex problems. While enrolled in this graduate program, students participate in interdisciplinary teams using creative and multifaceted design methodologies that address international issues.

Offering/location: Online

Push your creativity and originality to new heights in our M.F.A. concentration in Studio Art. Graduate students receive individualized instruction from accomplished artists and art historians. Group critiques, studio visits, and workshops with visiting artists are regular features of the concentration. Students take advanced, graduate-level studio courses in one or more media, depending on their interests. The department offers studio courses in drawing, painting, watercolor, ceramics, sculpture, photography, animation, video, illustration, and graphic design.

Offering/location: In-person, Radford

Athletic Training, MSAT

Radford University’s athletic training program focuses on preparing students to become exceptional clinical athletic trainers in a variety of work settings. Athletic trainers prevent, assess, treat and provide rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. In addition, they are often first to provide immediate care and treatment of injury. The athletic training program focuses on preparing students to become exceptional clinical athletic trainers in a variety of work settings. As part of their preparation, students complete two years of intensive clinical preparation.

Offering/location: In-person, Radford

Business Administration, MBA

Prepare for a broad range of advanced leadership roles in the private and public sectors of the global economy. This program provides a broad-based, cross-functional education in core business areas such as operations management, marketing, accounting, finance, and strategic management. In our AACSB-accredited MBA online program, you will gain in-demand expertise in budgeting, human resources, customer acquisition and engagement, international finance, organizational and product innovation, managerial economics, and more.

Offering/location: Online, 7-week class format

Communication Sciences and Disorders, MS/MA

The Communication Sciences and Disorders master's degree, with a concentration in Speech-Language Pathology offers academic and clinical curricula that provide students with the knowledge and skills required for the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology (CCC-SLP). This nationally recognized professional credential is issued to individuals who present evidence of their ability to provide independent clinical services to persons who have disorders of communication. 

Offering/location: In-person, Radford

Counseling and Human Development, MS

The counseling program at Radfor offers a unique blend of courses designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary for becoming a knowledgeable, thoughtful, skillful and caring counselor. The program is intensely clinical and involves significant student engagement in situated learning or clinical practice. We offer a Master of Science degree with an emphasis in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (60 Cr) or School Counseling (48 Cr) for students interested in working in primary or secondary schools, colleges or universities, community counseling centers, hospitals, agencies or clinics.

Offering/location: In-person, Radford

Counseling Psychology, Psy.D.

Radford University offers an APA-accredited Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) in Counseling Psychology with a focus on rural mental health and additional emphases on cultural diversity, social justice, and evidence-based practice in psychology. The Psy.D. program is not accepting new applications for admission at this time.

Offering/location: In-person, Radford

Criminal Justice, MA/MS

The Criminal Justice graduate program is designed to prepare students for leadership positions in the field of criminal justice, as well as provide a strong foundation for students anticipating advanced study at the doctoral level. Faculty work closely with students to develop a course of graduate study that meets the needs of individual students within the field of criminal justice. This includes, but is not limited to, criminal justice policy and practice, diversity and ethics in justice administration, behavioral elements of crime, as well as research methods and quantitative analysis.

Offering/location: In-person, Radford

Data and Information Management, MS

The MS in Data and Information Management (DAIM) is a deep dive into collecting, processing, managing, and protecting traditional data and big data. The program emphasizes hands-on learning working in teams with students, faculty, IT professionals, and even business executives. Students apply emerging technology to solve challenging problems for our corporate partners. DAIM prepares graduates for leadership roles as data analysts, data engineers, data architects, information managers, senior database administrators, and other data management positions.

Offering/location: In-person, Radford

Education, Ed.D.

Doctor of Education degree (Ed.D.) is designed to prepare educators to lead responsively and equitably in complex times. Whether you aspire to be a superintendent, administrator, or other organizational leader, we invite you to join us for the next step in your career. Student learning is framed around questions of equity, ethics, & social justice to bring about solutions to complex problems of practice in education and community organizations. This 63 credit hour program includes courses in Practitioner Inquiry, Educational Leadership, Social Justice, Field Experiences, and Elective choices.

Offering/location: Online

Education, MS

Our Master of Science in Education is ideal for either the practicing or the prospective teacher. Working closely with an advisor, students develop a highly personalized program of studies that incorporates a number of professional development elements. The M.S. in education offers four different options within this degree to ensure you receive the degree that matches your personal and professional goals: Curriculum and Instruction (with or without licensure), Math Education or Early Childhood Instructions.


  • Curriculum and Instruction (with or without licensure) - Online or in-person, Radford
  • Early Childhood Instruction - In-person, Radford
  • Math Education - Online

Educational Leadership, MS

The Master of Science degree in Educational Leadership is designed to prepare professional personnel to fill positions as preK-12 school principals or instructional supervisors in Virginia. Successful completion of this fully online program will lead to a license in preK-12 school administration and supervision. We use the latest in collaborative online technologies (Zoom) to give the benefits of a traditional face-to-face program with the convenience of online.

Offering/location: Online

English, MA/MS

Radford University's graduate program in English leads to a Master of Arts (MA) or Master of Science (MS) with the choice between a literature concentration or a MS in English education with the option for teacher licensure. For students who choose the literature option, graduate study in English provides an opportunity to develop skills in literary scholarship and criticism through an intensive study of British and American literature.  Students who choose the English Education option may receive the MS degree with initial teacher licensure or add an MS endorsement to an existing license.

Offering/location: In-person, Radford

Health Sciences, DHSC

The Doctoral program in Health Sciences is ideal for working professionals, offered entirely online, and can be completed in seven semesters; two classes per semester. As a doctoral candidate, you may select a focus area in healthcare administration, community and public health, or education and academia. Students evaluate, synthesize, and apply an integrative approach to solving healthcare problems from public policy to community health assessment, and pursue a scholarly research agenda in an emphasis area that is suitable for dissemination to a peer-reviewed venue. Graduates may teach at the university level, hold high administrative positions at healthcare systems, physician practices or at healthcare nonprofits. 

Offering/location: Online

Health Sciences, MS

The master’s program in Health Sciences (MSHS) provides an advanced, broad-based curriculum that positions its graduates to elevate and accelerate their career in a health-related field. As 100% online program tailored to working professionals. Students learn skills covering a broad range of activities such as healthcare leadership, population health, healthcare ethics, research methods, and epidemiology, making graduates attractive to of careers in healthcare management, health analyst, health educator, or clinical research administration.

Offering/location: Online

Healthcare Administration, MHA

Radford University's Master of Healthcare Administration program prepares diverse entry and experienced healthcare professionals with the attributes, values, and competencies needed to manage and lead a variety of complex healthcare organizations in the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond. The Master of Healthcare Administration program prepares diverse entry and experienced healthcare professionals with the attributes, values, and competencies needed to manage and lead a variety of complex healthcare organizations in the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond.

Offering/location: Online

Literacy Education, MS

The Literacy Education program equips educators to serve as literacy leaders in the K-12 setting and offers educators an opportunity to earn endorsement credentials to become a Reading Specialist in Virginia. Candidates in the certificate and degree program become adept at applying research-supported, data-driven, literacy instruction and intervention.  Candidates develop literacy leadership skills for instructional coaching, program selection and school-wide literacy approaches. Classes are offered after school hours and assignments are designed to be school-, classroom- and student-centered.

Offering/location: Online

Family Nurse Practitioner, MSN

The Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) program at Radford University is designed to prepare registered nurses with graduate-level academic knowledge and clinical skills to practice as advanced practice registered nurses in the roles of clinicians, educators, leaders and scholars. Family Nurse Practitioners diagnose and treat acute and chronic conditions, collaborate with interdisciplinary team members, and partner with patients on maintaining health and wellness in primary care, with a particular focus on preventative care. The 50 credits program is delivered online with 540 clinical hours.

Offering/location: Roanoke-online hybrid

Nursing Administration, MSN

The MSN in Nursing Administration at Radford University is designed to deepen your knowledge and expand your clinical and research abilities. This online master’s degree in nursing administration builds on your undergraduate foundation and expands your expertise to critical management areas such as informatics, financial management and legal issues in healthcare. Coursework includes extensive looks at healthcare systems and policy, leadership issues, and factors affecting organizational practice.

Offering/location: Online, 7-week class format

Nursing, DNP

Radford University’s School of Nursing offers the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program to prepare registered nurses who currently hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing science, a master’s degree or a master’s degree in nursing science for advanced nursing practice. The program is 100% online to promote maximum flexibility while maintaining quality. Theory and research-based courses prepare our graduates to work in a variety of settings, and to provide leadership in health care. The DNP program offers tracks in Family Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Practice Nurse, and Nurse Leadership.

Offering/location: Online

Nursing, Post Masters Certificate

Radford University's School of Nursing Post-Masters Certificate program is tailored for advanced practice nurses with a master's degree. This program is designed to equip experienced nurses with specialized skills and knowledge, to enhance expertise in specific areas of advanced nursing practice. 


Music, MA/MS

The Department of Music at Radford University offers Master of Arts and Master of Science degrees in Music. The M.A. program provides advanced study for musicians and music scholars in preparation of professional careers or doctoral study. The M.S. program provides advanced study and opportunities of music therapists to refine existing competencies and to attain new ones.


  • Music Concentration (MA) - In-person, Radford
  • Music Therapy Concentration (MS) - In-person, Radford

Occupational Therapy, MOT

Occupational therapy aims to assist patients of all ages to prevent, reduce, or recover from or adapt to disabilities. The Master's of Occupational Therapy program at Radford University  is dedicated to educating future Occupational Therapy practitioners who are responsible, ethical, creative and bold.  MOT students learn how to assist clients return to participate in activities that matter the most to them: cooking dinner for the family, getting out of bed without assistance or driving. OTs work in clinical settings, community outreach, education, research,  and many other diverse areas.

Offering/location: In-person, Radford and Roanoke

Occupational Therapy, OTD

Brief description

Offering/location: Online

Physical Therapy, DPT

The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) at Radford University is a post-baccalaureate degree conferred upon successful completion of a doctoral level professional physical therapy education program.  The vision of the department of physical therapy is to develop autonomous physical therapy practitioners who optimize the human experience. This department strives to develop leading practitioners who will improve access and quality of care for aging and underserved populations.

Offering/location: In-person, Roanoke

Physician Assistant, MS

The Physician Assistant program at Radford University prepares graduates to provide diagnostic and therapeutic medical care under physician supervision. Physician assistants provide high-quality, cost-effective healthcare. Students collaborate with other master’s and doctoral students to gain skills necessary for future practice. The curriculum is comprised of 15 months of didactic instruction followed by 12 months of supervised clinical practice. Graduates are eligible to sit for the PA National Certifying Exam, routinely perform above the national average.

Offering/location: In-person, Radford

Psychology, MA/MS

The Psychology program offers concentrations in experimental and industrial-organizational (I/O) psychology. The experimental program provides students with advanced training in research methodology, data analysis, and the core principles of psychology (social, cognitive, developmental, behavioral neuroscience, etc.). The  I/O program applies psychology to the workplace to improve the effectiveness of organizations and the quality of work life of workers. I/O graduates often become consultants, managers, test developers, risk analysts, trainers, and HR or organization development specialists.

Offering/location: In-person, Radford

School Psychology, Ed.S.

The School Psychology program at RU emphasizes training in comprehensive service delivery, and an ecological orientation in understanding student and family needs. Importance is placed on intervention development and delivery, advocacy, and data-driven and ethical decision making. The program has continuously adapted its training so that graduates are prepared to meet the dynamic and complex needs of children, families, and schools.

Offering/location: In-person, Radford

Social Work, MSW

The MSW program focuses on clinical social work practice, allowing students to acquire a blend of direct practice skills coupled with an understanding and appreciation of human diversity. Students develop the ability to practice clinically with diverse populations in a wide range of available settings. The program seeks to develop within each student the rich intellectual and ethical capacities necessary for skillful and compassionate social work practice. Students develop relationship, advocacy, and practice skills to serve individuals locally, nationally, or globally.


  • In-person, Radford
  • Part-time hybrid

Special Education, MS

The Master of Science degree program in special education is a single degree program offering practicing educators and those intending to enter the teaching profession the opportunity to design a program of study to meet their interests and teacher licensure needs in the area of special education. Concentrations are offered in General Curriculum, K-12; Adapted Curriculum, K-12; Early Childhood, birth-five; Deaf and Hard of Hearing, preK-12; and Blindness & Visual Impairment, preK-12.


  • In-person, Radford 
  • Online

Strategic Communication, MS

The Master of Science in Strategic Communication degree allows Radford University students to prepare for many advanced career positions or for the pursuit of a doctoral degree. Explore courses in public relations, political communication, pedagogy and instruction, training and development, interactive media and analytics and more. The strategic communication curriculum has a broad approach to allow students to learn multiple communication tactics. Students can take specialized classes to develop their skills in areas such as video production and social media and analytics.


  • In-person, Radford
  • Online hybrid, Abingdon