Incorporating Creativity into Counseling

Katie Grove - Oct 2016 Grad Student of the Month
Katie Grove

Katie Grove is working towards her M.S. in Counseling and Human Development in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling track and will be graduating in the spring of 2018. Her department nominated her as Radford University's October 2016 Featured Graduate Student of the Month.

Katie is from Carroll County, VA and attended Virginia Tech where she got her BS in Human Development with a focus on Child & Adolescence Growth. She chose to attend Radford University because it wasn’t too far from home and provided her with the opportunity to get a degree in an area of study that focused on what she loved. Katie stated that she wanted to find a program where she could “help kids find an outlet for their emotions and help them process things going on in their little worlds”. She then added, “I’ve always loved kids and have always known that I wanted to work with kids since middle school. Counseling just clicked and it fit. It’s just what I want to do and is what makes me happy!”

Katie is a full-time student and also works as a nanny for a family in Blacksburg. She takes care of a three-year-old girl and uses this experience to help her be a better counseling student. Over this past summer Katie completed a Directed Study with Dr. Wally Scott where she volunteered to work at a Royal Family KIDS camp for one week. This Christian based camp was for kids who were abused and neglected and then put into the foster care system. Katie was paired with two 6-year-old girls and spent the whole week with them. When asked about this experience Katie stated, “The girls were both so sweet but really desired and needed that one-on-one attention and someone to be there for them. I loved being that person”. When asked about Katie and why she has been nominated, Dr. Scott stated, “She is an outstanding student, very dedicated, accepting challenged, and growing personally and professionally.”

On September 23rd, 2016 Katie was given the opportunity to present at the Creativity in Counseling Conference in Savannah, GA (a national division of the American Counseling Association). She presented on an individual practicum she completed at Pulaski High School from her spring 2016 semester. At Pulaski High School Katie worked with three high school girls who had been referred to the school counselor. “We stepped out of our regular realm”, Katie stated, “we did the adult coloring books, we sat on blankets, did ‘Would You Rather’ questions and board games, and just brought it their level”. Katie noted that being able to do the practicum and share it with others at a national conference is her greatest accomplishment.

When asked about her future plans Katie said, “I want to stay in SW Virginia because it is an area that really needs counselors and especially with kids. I want to work with kids because I feel like if we can work with them and get them help at a young age then it will go into their adulthood.”

Oct 10, 2016
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