Mathematics Education Certificate

This 18-hour graduate certificate program may be taken as a stand-alone certificate or as the content concentration of the M.S. in Education: Content Area Studies Concentration. Some students may have completed Master’s programs in fields that may not include mathematics courses, such as in education. This Post-baccalaureate certificate meets the needs of these individuals by helping them advance their mathematical preparation for teaching. Further, the 18 credit hours of mathematics required for this certificate program provides the necessary mathematical background needed for teaching dual enrollment and college courses.

Course Listing:

MATH 600. Foundations of the Number System (3)

MATH 623. Algebraic Reasoning and Mathematical Structures (3)

MATH 641. Mathematical Analysis and Modeling (3)

MATH 630. Algebra and Functions (3)

MATH 635. Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry (3)

STAT 644. Applied Statistics (3)

Applicants for the certificate must meet existing admissions standards for the M.S. in Education: Mathematics Education Concentration. 

Dr. Darryl Corey, Mathematics Education Coordinator
School of Teacher Education and Leadership
Phone 540-831-7622