Highlander Research Blitz People's Choice Award and Voting

The Spring 2024 Highlander Research Blitz Competition features outstanding student finalists from programs across Radford University and Radford University Carilion! 

Each finalist has prepared a three-minute presentation, suitable for a general audience, about some aspect of their studies. Presentations can be viewed below.

Vote for the People's Choice Award Winner 

All Radford University students, faculty, and staff are invited to vote for their favorite Highlander Research Blitz presentation between April 10 and 17, 2024. The videos will be recorded at the in-person event and uploaded here. (Please note that ballotting will close at 12 p.m. EDT.)

The finalist with the most votes will win the Research Blitz People's Choice Award ($300). The winner of the People's Choice Award in the Highlander Research Blitz will be announced during the College of Graduate Studies' graduation ceremony on May 4, 2023 (time and place TBD).


Courtney Busick

Do Debt Collectors Pay a Price?
Psychology, MA/MS

Gina Kihnley

Therapeutic Alliance Effects on Patient Outcomes
Physical Therapy, DPT

Alana Rosa

How to Enhance Your Happiness
Psychology, MA/MS

Emily DiSalvo

Could Exercise Be Considered Medicine: A Not-So-Tough Pill to Swallow
Physical Therapy, DPT

Hayley Grossman

When We're All Wrong About Our Peers' Beliefs: Pluralistic Ignorance Within Attitudes Towards Transgender People
Psychology, MA/MS

Chad Runyon

Embracing Our Author Voice: Internal Third-Person as a Therapeutic Intervention
Counseling and Human Development, MS

Kara Doughtie

Wherever You Go, Make More Categories
Psychology, MA/MS

Joanna Williamson

Social Isolation and Depression in Older Adults
Social Work, MSW

Malcolm Smith

All That Was Native Was Just Fine: Rebuilding Whitetop Mountain After Whisnant
Appalachian Studies Certificate