NOTICE FOR SUMMER 2022: Important Information from our office was transmitted via email on 5.11.22 at 11:30am to student/parent email addresses provided to us from VDOE on 5.10.22. If you did not receive that communication from our offices, please let us know asap by emailing us at  STUDENTS MUST CREATE A CAMPDOC PROFILE BEFORE JUNE 10th. After that day, a student may be withdrawn.

ONLINE REGISTRATION INFORMATION FOR INVITED STUDENTS (This is not to apply for the program or request adjudication for acceptance: to apply for the SRGS, talk with your school district personnel in the Fall as instructed).

CampDoc Registration for invited students will open in May.  Confirmed students will receive an email with a specialized CampDoc link. Only accepted students will receive the registration link. If you did not receive the email and link, by May 15, 2022 contact our office immediately at Registration through the CampDoc portal closes on June 10. Students who've not created a profile in CampDoc or responded to communications before June 10 may be dropped from our rolls, allowing VDOE to contact another student to fill that coveted position.

The Governor’s School at Radford University has a two part registration. One is to gather the information needed for the smooth operation of the camp (CampDoc). The other is for HUMANITIES courses and academics and will help students manage their schedules (email link after June 1).

We have contracted with, a health record system, for general registration. 8am on May 14, 2022 and close at 11:59pm on June 10. Before online registration begins, you will receive an letter via email with a special link. Once you click the link, you will be directed to log into CampDoc. 

CampDoc’s system will help us consolidate registration, waivers, allergies, medications and health information in a secure, centralized location.  It will also be used to collect activity fees. When registering, please use the student's legal name. If the student has a different preferred name, or nickname, please put that in parentheses.

Additionally, all forms in the student health profile must be completed. Please note that there is an option to upload a scan of your insurance card and the student’s driver’s license. No Doctor's Physical Examination is required for GovSchool however, some waivers require a witness signature from an adult 21yrs or older.

We strive to protect the security, confidentiality and privacy of the attendee’s personal health information. Only Radford University’s health staff, the Governor’s School Director, the Assistant Director for Registration, and the Resident Directors will have access to attendee health information. The site is secure, encrypted, and password protected. Any printed information will be shredded after its use to ensure the safety of records.

*CampDoc registration must be complete in order for students to be assigned a room and class schedule.*

AFTER JUNE 5th: We have a second system to register for HUMANITIES classes, workshops and special sessions.  HUMANITIES students will receive an email with details on course registration. The subject area curriculum in VPA is predetermined (music, dance, theater, art). HUMANITIES students will be directed to select two four-week courses and four one-week workshops. Humanities students may not pick the same class twice. Students will be asked during course registration to indicate the courses they are most interested in taking. However, please note that class size is limited, and while we'll do our best to honor students' preferences, we cannot guarantee that students will be able to enroll in all of the courses in which they express interest.


The forms listed below are located on  Room assignments will not be made until all materials have been completed.

✓ Voluntary Consent Form

✓ Medications Form

✓ Carilion Consent to Treat

✓ Front and Back Copies of Driver’s License, Medical Insurance Card, & Prescription Card

✓ Authorization for Administering Prescription Medication  

✓ Acknowledgment of Class Content & Student Handbook Form

✓ Waivers for Weekend Activities

√ RU Rec and Wellness Center

In preparation for the registration window: We suggest you read through the Parent & Student Handbook before registering in CampDoc for GovSchool. The handbook will inform you on most all details regarding policies, procedures, and activities.

Activity Fee

All Governor’s School attendees will be assessed a $200 fee to cover a wide variety of non-academic outings, activities, field trips, and programs. The fee is payable by credit/debit card through during the registration period (see above). Waivers are offered in the case of financial hardship and are also available through (WAIVER COUPON)  Registrants who do not complete the financial hardship waiver or who do not meet the requirements will be billed the full activity fee ($200) during check-in at Radford University. Registrants with incomplete or missing waiver forms will be billed the full activity fee during check-in. If your school/district is paying the activity fee, please note that on the waiver form uploaded into CampDoc and the school will be invoiced after the event starts.