Adjudication Information - Dance

Applicants will read and be familiar with the program description for the  Governor's School for Visual and Performing Arts.

Applicants will be asked to prepare and perform one dance 1 - 11/2 minutes maximum in length. The dance may be any form or genre. The applicant must design the choreography, but coaching by teacher or instructor is permissible during preparation. The student determines accompaniment for the dance. Students will be required to bring their own phone or MP3 player. The sound should be clean and clear and should have a five-second leader. Students should wear professionally appropriate dance attire. Basic leotards, tights and other attire for active movement are suggested. Costumes are not recommended. Applicants will be asked questions with reference to their art form. Applicants will participate in a dance class incorporating ballet and other genres including improvisation, hip-hop, world, and modern (bare feet) followed by individual applicants performing their prepared dance piece. Applicants from diverse backgrounds with ability in diverse dance genres are encouraged to audition.

Applicants will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Technique (specific skills)
    1. Alignment (the body)
    2. Musicality/Rhythm
    3. Finished Movement (follow-through)
    4. Strength
    5. Flexibility
    6. Varied Movement Vocabulary
  2. Stage Presence (prepared work)
    1. Presentation (presenting oneself)
    2. Carriage
    3. Display of Confidence
    4. Body Language
    5. Facial Expression (before and after prepared work)
    6. Dynamic (energy)
    7. Attire
  3. Performance of Movement
    1. Interpretation of Movement
    2. Connecting/Flow of Movement
    3. Use of Technique
    4. Execution (individual style, clarity through space [shape], time [rhythm], and effort [energy])
    5. Musicality (relationship to accompaniment)
  4. Interview responses to questions related to applicant's art form and role in group learning

PLEASE NOTE: Dance Students may play music from their smart phone to the PA system in the dance studio – bring appropriate cable (RCA/digital). There is a CD player in those systems however, we find some student’s bring CDs that are not properly formatted for playback on another system. We recommend being self-contained whenever possible.

PLEASE NOTE: So as to expediate the registration process and maintain flow of the overall event, students are asked to arrive 45 minutes before their scheduled audition time/block. This does not guarantee an extended warm-up period before the scheduled audition or block time. Students are encouraged to prepare all aspects of their performance before arrival.