Standard of Conduct


Students selected represent their school and school division or region. Each student acts as an ambassador of his/her area. Governor’s School students are expected to display common courtesy and respect for fellow students at all times. Details regarding student Expectations and Guidelines are found in the Parent/Student Handbook. Before attending the Summer Residential Governor's School at Radford University, parents and students will affirm our standards of conduct as outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook

Rule Infractions that may result in dismissal from the program, in which case a parent / guardian will be required to pick up the dismissed student:

  • Students shall not possess or use alcohol, illegal drugs or paraphernalia.

  • Students shall not smoke, use or possess any tobacco products, including vapes.

  • Students shall not possess or use any kind of weapon.

  • Students shall not leave campus or designated areas at any time without permission.

  • Students shall not enter any undesignated areas/buildings without an instructor or Governor’s School employee.

  • Students shall not visit the residential areas of the opposite gender at any time, nor enter halls occupied by other groups.

  • Students shall not steal/borrow without the owner’s permission.

  • Students shall not treat faculty, staff, presenters, students, or others on campus in a disrespectful manner.

  • Students shall not intentionally damage the property of others.

  • Students shall not commit any act of violence, physically or verbally

  • Students shall not bring a vehicle or ride in one unaccompanied by a Governor’s School staff member.

  • Students shall not engage in inappropriate physical contact or don any marks on their body indicating inappropriate physical contact. This is defined as anything beyond hugging and hand holding.

  • Students shall comply with all policies, rules, and regulations for the Governor’s School, Radford University, and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Failure to comply with the following additional guidelines will result in appropriate disciplinary action and possible dismissal from the program:

  • Students shall check into, and remain in, their designated residence hall by 9:30 p.m.

  • Students shall remain in their assigned room between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Exceptions include personal or building emergencies, or planned evening activities where students will be notified of curfew by counselors.

  • Students must sleep in their assigned room every night. In other words, no “sleep overs”.

  • Students shall protect personal belongings by locking their assigned room upon leaving at any time and at night.

  • Students shall be on time and participate in all scheduled activities. In the event of an emergency, students shall notify a counselor.

  • Students shall not prop open exterior residence hall doors or tamper with fire alarms or equipment.

  • Students shall not invite non-Governor’s School guests to visit on campus.

  • Students shall properly wear their name tags at all time (unless otherwise instructed by a Governor's School staff member or Instructor)

  • Students shall adhere to the dress code and change if asked to do so.

  • Students shall not be late to check-ins or classes

  • Students shall not skip check-ins or classes

    If a student must be dismissed from the program, the parent(s) or guardian(s) will be contacted by the Resident Directors and/or Program Director and will then be required to pick up their student immediately.

    In preparation for the registration window: We suggest you read through the Parent & Student Handbook before registering for GovSchool. The handbook will inform you on most all details regarding policies, procedures, and activities.