The Governor's School for Humanities and Visual & Performing Arts, hosted by Radford University.
  • Dr. R. Wayne Gallops, Director
  • Leigh Anne Kelley, Associate Director
  • Liza Moles, Resident Life Director     
  • Advisory Board: Dr. Margaret Devaney and Dr. Matthew Smith

The Governor’s School for  Visual & Performing Arts and Humanities works to enhance the individual college experience as students grow and learn.

Applications for the Humanities and Visual & Performing Arts residential programs (music, visual art, theater and dance) are initiated at the beginning of each school year with your school district Gifted Coordinators and Guidance Counselors. The process involves various deadlines implemented by your school district.

We urge all potential Humanities and Visual & Performing Arts students to talk with their school guidance counselors about the Governor's School application process in September of each school year.

Detailed information regarding Visual & Performing Arts Adjudication requirements are found on the Adjudication pages of this website. Consult with your school arts educators and gifted coordinators: questions regarding the adjudication process that cannot be answered at your school should be forwarded to our offices through your school gifted coordinator. We do not communicate directly with parents/students until after the selection process is complete and our offices have received a list of invited students.

If you are reading this webpage, we encourage you to apply.

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Informational Video: Summer Residential Governor's School for Visual & Performing Arts and Humanities

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Information Board

Summer 2019 Information

Summer 2019 session will be held at Radford University on June 23 through July 20, 2019.

More site-specific information will be updated as information becomes available.  Before adjudication and selection, most questions should be directed to your school's Guidance Counselors and Gifted Coordinators.

Rising Sophomores and Juniors interested in applying for the Residential Governor's School for Humanities and Visual & Performing Arts should talk with their school Arts Educators, Guidance Counselors and Gifted Coordinators about the process!


We adjudicated over 950 wonderful students who applied to participate in the 2018 GovSchool. Visual & Performing Arts and Humanities Applications will be forwarded to VA-DOE by your School/District Gifted Coordinators. Decisions will be made in mid-March. See your school/district gifted coordinators and guidance counselors if you have questions about the process until students have been notified of their selection status.

After selection is completed around April 1, the VA-DOE office will communicate with parents of students who applied for the 2019 summer program. Letters from VA-DOE typically go out on or around April 15. After students have been notified and a list of confirmed invitees has been provided to us from VA-DOE, our offices will begin communicate with parents of students confirmed to attend the 2019 summer program. That communication will come in early May. Until that communication arrives, Parents and invited Students with questions should visit our web pages and Parent & Student Handbook for answers to most quesions.

Counselor Positions for the Governor's School 

Learn about the Residential Summer Counselor job description and how to apply.