OEP Training Plan

The Radford University Office of Emergency Preparedness maintains an Emergency Preparedness Training Plan that compliments the RU Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and the RU Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP). Through the Drill and Evolution Matrix, live operational drills, table top exercises, walk through, and department training evolutions are developed in cooperation with university administration, student services, Radford University Police Department, university departments, and, when required, surrounding regional partners.

Radford University uses the Commonwealth of Virginia Executive Order # 41 and the NIMS Implementation Activities for Schools and Higher Education Institutions as the guiding principles for training and development in the campus emergency management strategic planning.

NIMS Implementation Activities For Schools And Higher Education Institutions Intergration

The schedules and planned evolutions are part of the Office of Emergency Preparedness Training Plan and are guided to meet compliance requirements of the National incident Management System directives and guidelines and university emergency management planning documents including,

  • NIMS uses a core set of concepts, principles, procedures, processes, standards, and terminology that may all be integrated with school emergency management practices. The collective use of NIMS across all local incident response agencies, including K-12 schools and higher education institutions (HEIs), and disciplines creates a common operating picture, promoting mutual goals and responsibilities, and ultimately, more efficient and effective response services. Furthermore, in the event of a large-scale incident crossing multiple jurisdictions and disciplines, NIMS unites all response teams across all of the participating jurisdictions and facilitates effective and appropriate assistance from outlying communities when needed based on the size and complexity of the incident.(DOE 2007)

Training, Drill, and Evolution Plan

Evolutions and drills are developed in cooperation with RU administration and departments and are implemented through identified times and dates that do not severely impact university operations. Additional, emergency events and incidents that may occur on the RU campus are also documented. As new equipment and personnel changes take place additional training, drills, and evolutions are added to the preliminary straining and evolution schedule. The schedules and planned evolutions are part of the Office of Emergency preparedness Training Plan guided by:

  • National Incident and Management System (NIMS) Implementation Activities for Schools and Higher Education Institutions
  • NIMS Compliance Requirements for Schools and Higher Education Institutions
  • NIMS Five Year NIMS Training Plan and Guidelines
  • National Weather Service and seasonal potential for severe weather.
  • Commonwealth of Virginia Executive Order # 41 Directives
  • Guidance and directives from the Virginia Office of Emergency Management
  • Homeland Security and FEMA requirements as related to educational institutions.
  • Radford University Emergency Response Plan implementation and updates
  • Radford University Continuity of Operations Plan-Department Implementation
  • Radford University President, Vice President of Business and Finance, Vice President of and identified department heads and operational departments.

The activities and priorities will also result in models to enhance emergency preparedness that can be replicated on the campuses of other two- and four-year institutions, including private institutions. Most important, a comprehensive training plan will significantly enhance progress being made toward meeting the overarching goal of Radford University and New River Valley region for emergency preparedness: To provide for the safety and security of Radford University students, employees, campus visitors, and the surrounding New River Valley citizens.